A Hurricane named Hanna

A Wedding Reception

And the best laid plans of mice and men.

As some of you know,
we have been planning
 to have the
Delaware wedding reception
tomorrow evening
(Saturday, September 6, 2008)
for Raph and Regina. 

As of now, we are still planning to have it
 but we’ve changed the location
The pavilion here at Shady Acres
The fellowship hall
Cannon Mennonite Church.
Still at 6:00 pm.
Anyone who wants to come
is still encouraged to do so. 
(Even if you didn’t receive a personal invitation, we’d be honored to have you come.)


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  1. We have a wedding as well – and expect the rain to bring some changes. 

  2. at least you have a place to have it!!  I am sure its much easier to move the reception then it would have been to move the wedding!!  Hopefully you guys don’t get blown away!!  have a lovely weekend!

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