We had the reception — and everything went well.  What a lovely crowd, and what an encouragement it was to see so many of you.  My Xanga friends don’t want to hear this, but I forgot my camera.  I’ve been trying to think ever since I got home if there was anyone taking pictures tonight — and if they were, I didn’t see them!!!   I think this night got done with no pictures.  What a shame!!!  Friend Karen and her daughter Abi did such a splendid job of decorating. 

I promise you that I am more tired tonight than I have been in a very long time.  The storm going through must have caused all the bones I’ve got to ache wherever and whenever they move.  I kid you not!!!  Tonight I am quite the example of inertia:   Bodies in motion tend to stay in motion.  Bodies at rest tend to stay at rest.  As long as I kept moving, I could move.  But I sat down for 20 minutes in my chair after we got home, and me thought I’d never get up again.  But listen, Friends.  I still believe that Sunday is a day of rest.  That is only an hour away.  Friend Kathy is going to teach my Sunday School class.  There are leftovers from the reception for lunch tomorrow — Guess who is gonna’ slide through the day with as little effort as possible.

And just a reminder to all of you:  Gather with God’s people at His House for worship.  We let so many little things keep us away, and we need the fellowship of believers. 

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17 


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  1. I’m glad, for the sake of your poor achin’ bones, that the weddings and receptions are now behind you. I feel for you on the forgotten camera… When we had Travis’ grad. party here a year ago, I managed to take a couple pictures, but realized afterward that I didn’t have a single photo with the graduate himself in it. I hope tomorrow is a very restful, relaxing and rejuvenating day for you!

  2. Dear Friend my today indeed be a day of rest for those weary bones of yours.
    As much as I would have loved to have seen pictures of the reception I sure do know how it is to forget a camera or to be so busy and having such a grand time forget to use your camera.
    This weather has certainly been unsettling! In our area tornadoes are the threat at times but we usually have very little warning to prepare for them.
    Take Care

  3. Sorry we didn’t make it, we didn’t wanna take a chance with the weatherI hope you can find someone that took pictures, cause I would love to see someAnyhow, take care and get some rest today

  4. I hope you had a very relaxing Sunday!

  5. I too hope you were able to relax and rest on Sunday. How well I know that feeling of keeping at it and at it to the bitter end (like when I have my school programs) and not daring myself to sit down until I’m home and in my pj’s. The law of inertia is definitely in effect on those nights. I also hope you find someone who took pictures. I would so love to see them.

  6. I am glad the reception was a success and now you can relax.
    Thanks for your wonderfully encouraging words on my site.  You are a dear long distance friend.  Thank you fo r your love.  I love you, too. Even though we have never met in person, I truly feel you are a true friend.

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