The day has been a roller coaster of emotions for me.  For one thing, I’ve not had the best week physically — and even though I am feeling better with mega antibiotics, I still feel very teary.

It’s kinda strange, really, but I’m missing our offspringin’s quite mightily.  On Thursday evening all the local ones (Christina and Jesse, Raph and Regina, Deborah and Rachel) headed for Ohio in the family’s trusty mini-van.  They dropped Rachel off at the airport for her very first flight ever.  She was headed to Dayton, Ohio and Lem and Jessica’s house for Senior Friday at Cedarville University.  The rest of them were headed for Holmes County, Ohio, and the stomping grounds of Regina’s homefolk.  After Rachel finished her day, Lem got off school and Jessica got off work, the three of them were heading up to Holmes County for what they were calling “A Sibs’ Weekend.”

“A Sibs’ Weekend?!?!?” I asked Deborah the other day.  “What brought this on?”

She looked at me as if I had two heads.  “Mom!” She said, indignantly.  “We haven’t been together since Raph and Regina’s wedding!!!”

“How come I wasn’t invited?  Daddy and I?  I mean, maybe we would have liked to get together with you kids, too.”

She looked guilty, looked nonplussed, then said, “Well, Mom, do you want to come?  We didn’t know you would want to come.  We didn’t know you could come.  I mean . . .”

“That’s okay, Deborah.  It’s communion weekend, and we do have lots of things to do here, but it still would have been nice to be with you.”

“Sorry, Mom.  We thought it would be neat to all be together.”  (She didn’t say “without parents” but she might as well have.)

So they’ve been gone all weekend.  The house is dead quiet.  Certain Man has worked on some household things, trimmed some trees, fixed some leaks, worked at cleaning out a shed.  I’ve kinda moped around, did laundry, changed some sheets, hung out some laundry in the beautiful Autumn sunshine, did kitchen stuff, worked on bookwork, emptied some flower boxes that got caught in the frost this week, listened to my classical music without opposition, and even shed some tears.  Both Nettie and Cecilia seem to be subdued, and it is funny how much I feel the same way.

Certain Man and I have wondered if the days of no children will be harder than we expected, and after today, I’m suspicious that they will.  I usually don’t feel quite like this when they are gone, but the idea that they are all together without us is making me melancholy.

Now we may be getting to the crux of the matter:

I’m afraid I’m missing something!

And when I really get sane about it, I am pretty pleased that our children like each other enough to want to get together for a weekend.  They seem to be starting a tradition of family togetherness rather early in their lives, and for that, I am grateful.

And Lord willing, they will be coming home tomorrow night.  And then the stories will be so sweet.


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  1. My mom has expressed surprise that we children like to be together and have fun.   I’m glad your children do, too!   I hope we raise ours the same way.   It’s a testiment to you and Daniel.     But I think I’d be the same way   –   I’m missing something!!!

  2. Oh, girl, I just love your honesty!! Wouldn’t it be fun to be a fly on the wall and hear what they’re talking about out there in Homes County? When our kids get together they analyze their childhood, etc! I am so thankful that our biological children and our adopted daughter Miki, who was there during most of their growing-up years, really do enjoy each other and the rare chances they have to be together. It really is a blessing to know that the family bond will continue without us.As to the empty nest – you’ll have to find a little girl to liven the place up every weekend like we did, ha, ha!!

  3. oh so sad……. you make me dread those days that are fast approaching much to quickly to my house .  When I think that my boys are 16 and I have only a few more years of them being under our roof………………………….

  4. Oh Mary this is so sweet! Yes it’s a huge blessing that your chillins are getting together like this so early in their married lives. I find it’s like pulling out hair to get my little tribe all together. This week I’ve been on the phone trying to plan Christmas and Thanksgiving. I do understand when scedules just don’t fit together. I told Israel that I’ll fight a little harder for our summer get-together and have a hit and miss holiday time. I’m anxious to hear some of their stories. Love you girl.

  5. Been there done that! I know how you feel and I am glad for your reckoning on the latter part of your entry. When your nest is indeed empty you’ll grow to adjust and find it really cozy and nice to have your Certain Man all to yourself. You will also find that cooking for 2 either has to be adjusted for or you’ll eat way too many left-overs. My neighbor Hutch called me and aske dif we’d want some of her huge pot of homemade noodles and chicken, that her man was quite tired of them after 2 days………I said only if she’d take some of our lentil soup RL was tired of…..LOL

  6. Must be nice though to get some me time. :)I look forward to the day.

  7. I certainly am glad to know that I am not alone in feeling the ‘aloneness’ of the empty nest…….its not easy….when they go off to themselves & leave mom out.  Makes me sad too.

  8. It’s good though that your children love each other that much that they would spend time together.  I wish all of my siblings were like that.  Besides us sisters all of us aren’t that close.  So be thankful that you’ve raised them with such love and concern for each other.

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