I taught Sunday School this morning for Middle Daughter.  She teaches the youngest class at our church, and she often regales us with stories about her precious little people.  She hates to miss teaching her class and after this morning, I really know why.  They are quite endearing.

We got into class this morning and one of our families was missing, so there were just two children — Daniel and Victoria — Children of gracegiven and KGeosphere.  Both of them adorable little people.  Middle Daughter has everything written down as to what she does and when she does it.  She writes down the particular quirks of each child that might cause dismay and how to handle melt downs.  So the schedule was followed very carefully, and we were getting along together quite well.

“Let’s see, we’ve done attendance, offering and stickers.  It’s time for our prayer time.  Is there anything you would like to pray about this morning?”

Daniel looked up at me through his glasses and without missing a beat, said “My parents.”

Now both of Daniel’s parents feel to me like they are my kids.  They’ve meandered in and out of our house over the years, and I love them dearly, so this response brought me some concern.

“What about your parents, Daniel?  What would you like us to pray?”

He scrunched his nose, fiddled with his glasses and hemmed and hawed.

“Are they sad?”  I asked carefully.

“No.”   He said quickly.

“Are they fighting?”

“NO!!!”  He acted like that was the most ridiculous thing he had ever heard.

“Well, Daniel, what do you want us to pray about?  How would you like us to pray?”

He scrunched his face all up and twisted his mouth side ways.  He wrinkled his nose and readjusted his glasses.  “It’s just,” he began carefully, “It’s just that they are so BOSSY!”

I had to laugh at that, of course.  I looked at this little guy who has done some amazing growing up in the last few months and thought about how he is learning to relate to people.  I love him so much.  He sat there on his little chair like he was considering whether what he said was appropriate or not.  He scooted down and looked a little embarrassed.  “I guess,” he said rather reluctantly, “that if they are the parents, they’re allowed to be bossy!”

You betcha’ Daniel-boy.  You really don’t know the half!!! 


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  1. So cute!  I love the honesty of little ones.

  2. I’m glad you could be there for that interchange!!!We are slowly finding out what is in that head of his.. I love ‘im.

  3. I was in tears laughing again!    THAT’S MY BOY!    thanks for recording it in such a charming way, only you can do it so well!

  4. cute story thanks for sharing!

  5. Aw he was so honest but that is precious. Mine would say the same thing!!!

  6. I had a good time catching up with you today by reading your last several posts. Your birthday is Oct. 15?? Mine is the 16th and I am one year older. Kindred spirits . Your comments are as inspiring as your posts! Thank you for your insight.

  7. Well, at least it was sun. school and not children’s meeting like Holly attended one fateful evening and announced to the whole church that her mommy and daddy, they fight. Now what would all you humble parents do about that? Maryann I would be pleased to do a page and just assign me one I don’t care. Gotta run,

  8. Can’t blame a boy for trying! 

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