There’s a mean wind blowing tonight in Delaware.  There has been rain for most of the evening and the fire feels good.  Cecelia has been running a fever, and even though I am not sick, I think it would be nice to just climb in bed for a day or so.

I’ve been studying my Bible Study lesson for tomorrow.  The Thursday Morning Bible Study group that meets at Shady Acres is going to study a very short, four lesson study on “How to Beat the Doldrums” from  I’ve had lots to think about over the past few weeks as I have read and tried to prepare.  The first lesson is Getting Right (Repentance) and it talks about how that when God calls us to repent, we often envision His disapproval.  In fact, when God calls us to repent, it is God, running to meet us with His arms open wide.

I love that picture, and it is probably more accurate than most of us would be able to admit.  But I also have to say that there isn’t any easy way to deal with sin — my sin.  And as we study Jeremiah 14:19-22, I realize that there is value in identifying, confessing, and even repenting of the generational sins that have affected our family.  This thought is quite overwhelming.  (Of course, those would be the Yutzy side, not the Yoder.  Right?  WRONG!)

I wish (selfishly, humanly and sinfully) that there was some way to skip over this foundational lesson.  Let’s get on with some of the other lessons:  Living Right (Obedience)  oops!!!  Staying Right (Perseverance)  and Thinking Right (Gratefulness).  Come to think of it, none of the rest of the lessons will be of any use to me if I don’t get this foundational thing right:  Repentance.  A good word with a bad rap.

The thing these lessons deal with on the whole is how ignoring any of these aspects of our lives will cause us to be unhappy.  H-m-m-m-m.   There is much for me to ponder.


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  1. Lots of wisdom hear. Unhappy thoughts tend to look toward others sin…..funny how the Spirit terns things around back on the sin we need deal with, our own.

  2. Hey just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your talk  at “Dinner Around the World” the other night at GMC. It was good to hear about the sowing circle and the mission you all have. I appreciate this post too. It’s funny how God will repeat a theme over and over, in sermons, passing comments etc. until we get it…thanks for being part of His reminder. =)

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