Do you ever wish that you could stop and listen in on conversations that you just catch a snatch of?

Today, in a doctor’s office in Christiana, I was on my way to move my car that was parked on the wrong side of the building, and I came upon this old couple, standing in the hall, talking.  Just as I got about past them, I heard the following exchange.

“You know,” said the old geezer plaintively, “When you lose your clothes, you’re really sunk.”

“It’s so true,” said the old lady sadly.  She heaved a big sigh.  “And that’s just what happened to my sister. . . “

I’ve been pondering this all day.  Could someone shed some light on this?  Are there people out there sinking without their clothes???

This is entirely too much for my imagination.


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  1. Oh, and it was way too cold to loose one’s clothing today. 

  2. I don’t know if this was suppose to be funny, but I got a chuckle out of it……maybe there’s some “deeper” meaning?? =)

  3. Oh, goodness. that’s funny!………………..  I have to wonder what kind of old person I’ll be………

  4. This makes me sad. What are they losing their cloths to?

  5. are they talking about going to a nursing home where they take all you things?

  6. Maybe they had to discard them for their doctor’s appointment and couldn’t find them when they were done so they could return home ?????

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