Guess what I’ve been doing!

A Baking bread 001

A Baking bread 005

A Baking bread 002

A Baking bread 002a

A Baking bread 003

A Baking bread 006

Baking bread 014

Baking bread for Thanksgiving Boxes, Yep, yep!

And now that this little project is done, and the boxes are packed, it is time to get on with the business of the Holidays!

This is so exciting!  For just a few hours, we have all our children in the same state.


I’m just a little bit tickled out of my wits!



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  1. Oh, that looks yummy – and having all children in one state is even better!  Blessings to you my friend.

  2. You are blessing and hope you’ll be blessed!!!

  3. Mary what a beautiful sight! I can almost smell it too! Chris and Alicia will be getting here early noon today. They spent the night at Mother and Fathers to break up the trip. Israel’s, Jeremy’s and Ethan’s won’t make it. Boo Hoo! Are ALL of yours gonna be home?

  4. And it sure looked yummy!  I hope your day is wonderful, and may that picture be taken, and everyone cooperate!!  : )

  5. the bread looks wonderful! and all your children here, now that is really wonderful!! Happy Thanksgiving

  6. Wow!  Such nice looking bread.  When I first read your title, I thought maybe you were bringing out the Christmas village.  I guess it won’t be too much longer for that.

  7. I would gobble up a few slices of that bread so quick……what a special gift for those boxes.  We had a few hours together at my parent’s last night since I can’t be there for Thanksgiving.  Very special, enjoy your kiddos!

  8. Looks great! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. The bread looks wonderful!! Wish I could have been there to learn a few tips! Whoever receives it will be so delighted –I am sure!!!!

  10. Your loaves of bread are beautiful, and I’m sure they taste just as yummy as they look!  May God bless you as much as you’re blessing the ones that receive it!

  11. wow that a lot of bread! I wish I could do that.

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