All the kids were home home for soup for lunch.
It was a sweet family interlude.

RS Thanksgiving weekend 001
Where there are Yutzy kids, there is bound to be a computer!
Here, Deborah, Raph and Jessica find something to their liking.

RS Thanksgiving weekend 003
Lem didn’t lose much time to get upstairs and find his blue guitar.

RS Thanksgiving weekend 004
Regina finds diversion in a Calvin and Hobbs book.

RS Thanksgiving weekend 006
Today is Jessica’s birthday.  She and Lem have had to divide time between two houses, but this family was glad for some time with them.

RS Thanksgiving weekend 010
Regina and Raph took a few hours out of a very busy day to be with us, then left for Ohio in the late afternoon.
At the other end, her family is waiting.  We will miss them, but I cannot help but be glad for her family that will have some time together.

(And yes, he said he KNOWS he needs a haircut!)

RS Thanksgiving weekend 011

When Jessica went to take a nap, Lem took the opportunity to sign our Thankful Wall.
The top is pretty much full, but there is plenty of room at the bottom.
So he got himself comfortable, and wrote quite a missive.
It was a wonderful time together, but too soon gone.
Now it is “forward to the fray.”
I need to get some food done ahead for tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving My Friend. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your boys and their lovely mates. I am so glad I have actually met both of your sons and through Xanga can keep undated on your family.
    I imagine very soon CM will begin the process of getting his village on display. What fun!
    Enjoy your day.

  2. I hope you had a good day today!   So glad you could all be together yesterday..

  3. Mary Dear, will be get to see all your younguns on Saturday?

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