The Thankful Wall continues to fill up.
We keep it up until Christmas, and it will get a few more signatures.
RRS Thanksgiving weekend 047

Here are some pictures from our day today. . .

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 016

Papa carved the turk.

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 017

Christina and Grandma put together the date pudding.
(They were just a little frustrated because the Cool Whip© was still frozen.)

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 018

Youngest Daughter is putting the three kernels of Indian Corn on each plate.

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 022

The table.  Notice the three kernels of corn.
It is a family tradition to go around the table and say three things that we are thankful for from the year that is just passed.  It is worth the food getting cold to hear what is said in that quiet time.

Faces of the afternoon:

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 030
Eldest Daughter and Beloved Son in Law

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 033

Friend Maegan and her precious little Izzy

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 032

Carving that turkey really wears a man out!

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 042

We got to have the kids for lunch —
and then they were going to Jessica’s family for another Thanksgiving dinner.

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 035

Jeremy and Maegan and Isabella Yoder

And then, it’s time to begin the Christmas Village:

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 038
The window sills need to be cleared off.

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 041
I collect all the pilgrims and put them away.

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 039
Certain Man begins to move the furniture out of east end of the family room in preparation for the two big tables that will hold the village.

Middle Daughter climbed up onto the shelf above the basement stairs and helped to hand down the boxes.  When Youngest Daughter got called down from an afternoon nap, Middle Daughter got the brilliant idea to hide behind the boxes.

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 044
Boo!!!  She jumped out and surprised a very disgruntled little sister who was busy complaining about her precarious position on a ladder that was over the basement stairs.

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 045
“If I had fallen, you would have been sorry!!!” says a very tired Rachel.  “And you can be glad you were out of reach.  I probably would have smacked you!!!.”  The job at hand was very distasteful to her.  “I want to take a nap!  This is the part of Thanksgiving that I hate.  It’s no fun to carry boxes!”

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 049
I have news for you, girlie.  There are a few things about this day that I don’t particularly like, either. 

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 050

And all this uproar and disarray is no fun.
At all  But . . .

RRS Thanksgiving weekend 051

. . . eventually, things will take shape and all the boxes will be empty, and the Christmas Village will be up and we will enjoy it so very much.
As of tonight, the major thing that is finished is that the tables are up, the boxes are down, the train is out and the family is ready to call it a night!  It is a good time to take it a little bit easy.
Certain Man will be working on this the next few days and I am so anxious to see the finished product.  He has been given some new buildings and accessories, and he is making some changes to his layout, so it will be very interesting to see the finished product.

Stay tuned for updates!


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  1. The mention of date pudding caught my attention. It’s been a tradition for many years on Carl’s side of the family to have date pudding, particularly for Christmas, but sometimes for other holidays as well. And thanks for again showing the “real stuff of life” at your house – with youngest daughter less than thrilled about trading naptime for work and being scared by her sister. It made me smile…!

  2. CM looks good in an apron LOL. I love this post. Looks like real life to me!
    Your table was beautiful and I counted 12 places, what a happy house you had.

  3. I really like your tradition of the Thankful Wall! Do you save them from year to year? I will be looking forward to seeing the progress of the Christmas village.

  4. FMM and i said this Year we are going to come and see your village! I think it will be grand! ((HUGS))

  5. What a great post … through your narration and all the wonderful pictures you’ve shared, I nearly felt like I was there!    🙂
    I’ve never head of date pudding before or putting 3 kernels of corn on the plates but I think it’s an awesome tradition!

  6. So, as far as your question was concerned, yes I’m going to try and update more often. I was told since I’m married that I needed to change the Rice Krispies…I was kind of sad to see them go.
    Missed seeing the family on Thanksgiving. It was nice to see the fun you all had! And just so you know I enjoy the Christmas Village too! 🙂

  7. How is the progress going on the village?

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