Does it ever seem to you that there are twice as many things to do this month and half as much time?

This is no excuse for not updating, I know.
  I do find it a good REASON!

The Village is done!  Certain Man worked and worked:

Village 002

And the days kinda’ ran together last weekend.

Village 003

But finally, all the cords were run
And the houses were on the tables.

The moving

So he enlisted the help of Youngest Son and Beloved Son in law and the
three of them climbed under the tables and this is how they moved it
back into the corner–
(This is the picture that is acceptable for publishing on the web. 
The one that has the three of them shows the process the best, but it
is just a little too — ahem! —  Unflattering, I guess would be the word.)

Sometime after midnight (early Sunday morning, actually) the last figure was put into place and the village was done.
I waited until the next day to take pictures.

Village 005
This shows the south side — a wilderness area is on the right.

Village 005a
This is the middle of the table.
Usually, Certain Man has his train on this table.
But this year he wanted to do something different.

Village 008a
This is the view that is towards the east (more or less).
The corner is where the two tables meet.
The train track is right there long the front of the left table.

Village 009
Here the train track goes around the corner.
I wanted to show the train, but I don’t have a good picture of it right now.  You can see it a little bit up there in the third picture, but I will try to get a better one sometime during the season.
(But I’m not promising!)

So there it is  — in sections.
  It looks a whole lot better in one piece. 

Once again, the invitation is

“Come on over and see it!”
Almost the whole village:
CP 1

This is for you, Certain Man, so that you can show your family.  (I miss you!)


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7 responses to “

  1. hey i was just bored and was surfing through saw your site nice xanga

  2. I love the way your home is always so warm, inviting and open. I’ll stop in sometime to see the village but also to see you! Love you much. Today I’ve been up and down, up and down, up and down the ladder. Got my Gingerbread tree up and shining. I played Christmas music all day at full volume too.

  3. Wonderful, so pretty! Thanks for the invitation…if only you were closer, I’d be right over!

  4. I was waiting for your green light. We will be planning a visit soon.

  5. WOW!  That is something! Goergeous!  High Five to your husband!  Wish my decorations were up!  Is D coming out here soon?

  6. I wish I could see it in person, looks great!

  7. I would love to stop and see your display. We hope to be in NYC next week. Albert

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