A few pictures from the last ten days that you might enjoy!

Our family was together for a soup luncheon last Saturday.

TThanksgiving weekend 091
Here are my two very beloved sisters and myself.
I wish I were as photogenic as they are.
I was told I need to get in front of a mirror
and practice my smile.
(Do people really do that???  I guess they must.  I’ve been instructed more than once.!)

  TThanksgiving weekend 101 
Our Sweet Mama joined us for a picture.
Mark Yoder Sr.’s gals.
That’s the four of us! 
I’m often mistook for Mama’s sister.
That doesn’t usually happen to my sisters.
They look young enough that people know she is their mama.

One afternoon this week,
Eldest Daughter brought Littlest Babysat Boy.
He is “sweetness” and “boy” in an unpredictable package.
Nevin Reads 
I caught him “reading” this book. 
There were no pictures
or anything to really hold his attention.
He and his brother, Biggest Babysat Boy,
fill a very big place in my heart.
I love to have them come,
love when they climb up for a story,
love to talk to them.
I am so blessed to be their “Aunt Mary.”

Eldest Daughter, Middle Daughter
and one of our  Beloved Daughters in Law
Came this week to decorate three trees
for the Hospice Parade of Trees.
I caught this picture of Eldest Son’s Wife,
busy with one of the trees.
Gina and the tree
I love this picture of Regina.
It was such a happy afternoon.

Certain Man is on his way home from Ohio.
I have missed him excruciatingly!!!
There have been chicken house alarms.
There was a monumental feed spill.
I did something I almost never do.
I scrubbed the carpet in the living room.
I moved furniture all around.
I moved some out until after Christmas.
I am having trouble moving myself today,
But I am thoroughly pleased with my living room.

LR 3

LR 2

LR 1

I surely do hope to see some of you stopping by for a cup of hot chocolate and some conversation.


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10 responses to “

  1. I’m impressed with your jobs well done.

  2. loved the post!  Your smile is fine!  Although I must say I am partial to Sarah Jane’s smile it holds such sweet memories!  I would love to stop in and visit you but alas it is much to far……………………

  3. So good to hear from you again. Somehow I missed Certain Man’s village pictures until Dick told me they were there last evening. One of these years we are going to take a trip to Delaware to see it. Of course, we wouldn’t mind seeing the people that live there either. I love the pictures of you and your mom and sisters. I think your smile is warm sweet and and lovely.

  4. Oops, I didn’t mean to sound like I’m searching for the right word! I was typing too fast. I meant – warm and sweet and lovely.

  5. Don’t be so hard on yourself!  I know a lot of people, myself included, who do not like pictures of themselves.  I like to remain behind the camera taking the pictures instead.

  6. Methinks you have a lovely smile! Great family pictures and very sweet of your Regina. My oh my all that moving, is it any wonder you find it difficult now to “move” yourself LOL. Your living room looks so  nice and very welcoming! I’d love to stop by and sit a while with you! Somehow I just can not imagine practicing smiling in front of a mirror.

  7. :0) perfectly nice smile….

  8. Love looking at all the photo’s 🙂

  9. Hi Mary Ann.  I am Loretta’s youngest brother and just wanted to say I sure enjoyed your pic.s. I found you mom’s site and left a comment how I remember your folks when we lived in Dover and we would come to church with Roberts on occasion. I was sorry to hear of the passing of your father but I remember him as such a kind and thoughtfull. Lords blessings to all you and your activities.    Sincerly Pops

  10. Your home looks cozy & inviting. Blessings to you!

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