Poor, Poor Certain Man!!!  They took out two wisdom teeth today.   This was maybe the fourth trip to the dentist that he has made in his LIFE.  And he is doing pretty well, but it makes me shiver.  I went along to drive him, prayed mightily whilst he was in there, and was relieved when he came smiling out.  However, the bleeding isn’t stopping as soon as I think it should, so I’ve been staying pretty close to home today, keeping an eye on him, changing the gauze, and trying to think of things that he can eat.  I think he is feeling better tonight. 

The point of all of this is this:  His village is still up!  He is pretty much going to be home the next few days.  If you would like to see the village, it would be a good time to come.

CP 1

He plans to take it down by the end of January. 


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  1. I hope he is doing O.K.  That is no fun.  I hope a clot forms because a dry socket is the worst scenario, one which I experienced painfully over a weekend with no relief when I was in my 20’s!
    I would love to drop in and see his village.  Mine is finally put away.  It pales next to his. 

  2.   The village looks neat, would like to stop in to see it but the 1000 miles before the stop may be a little much. When Novalee and I were just married there was an elderly couple across the street that set up a village at Christmas. How many buildings do you have? It will be nice when we can be in our house and do some of the things we once did. I would like to get back into model railroads, my oldest son Brady is looking forward to that too.

  3. When I had my wisdom teeth taken out they took out all four at once because they were impacted.  I realized I was aware of the procedure and then ½ way through I felt them pull out the 3rd tooth and started screaming.  Apparently the anesthesiologist had thought he was in my veins for the IV but he wasn’t so I was barely sedated.  It wasn’t a fun day and I kept throwing up blood all day.  Tell Certain Man I hope he gets better! 

  4. Hope that Certain Man is feeling much better – my prayers and thoughts are with him – I had all 4 of mine taken out and they were impacted and Erica was 9 weeks old and no family nearby – PTL – our church “family” helped out – Hubby and I did not know what we were in for……….

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