Youngest Daughter has a thing with shoes and boots and footwear of all kinds —
Yesterday morning, when some friends were visiting,
Gracegiven’s little girlie decided to try on Rachel’s bright red heels.  It was quite a struggle, and she wasn’t going anywhere fast, but she got along with some help from her friends, and she surely was pleased. . .

H-M Shoes 1
You go, Hannah!!!!
(A girl after Rachel’s own heart —  Heels and a sunbonnet!)


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  1. Nothing like red heels to dress up an outfit! J

  2. You go girl!
    How is Certain Man getting along? Recovered from the detal visit?

  3. Awww Hannah is so cuteGetting so big too!

  4. All I could think of, besides how darling she looks, is she has a long way to grow before she can fill those shoes!

  5. I, too, want to know how CM is doing.  I certainly hope he didn’t get dry sockets!

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