Since several inquiring minds want to know how Certain Man is doing:

He is doing splendidly!!!  There’ve been some tough moments, but no dry socket, no terrible pain, but lots of aching, some headache, a surprising small amount of vicodin, and long moments on the La-Z-boy recliner. 

However, we got baby chicks yesterday, so he felt compelled to stir about.

First, he had to do morning chores — feed the beef cattle, feed the cats, make sure everything is okay in the barn.

Then he worked in the chicken houses with stoves that didn’t want to light and other last minute things that always go wrong when you are a chicken farmer expecting chickens.

Then he decided that his precious truck needed some exercise.  So —

He headed out to Peninsula Poultry to procure supplies.  That didn’t take too long.

Then, he went to the lumber yard to get lumber for Youngest Daughter’s bedroom remodel project.

He came home and hoisted all that lumber into the second story window so that when Oldest Son decides to help, it will be ready.  I offered to help, but he didn’t need me until the very last piece and that was just for leverage.

He went to Greenwood and got an air compressor and supplies from a friend.  And went to the bank.  And paid a bill at M.A. Willey Steel that needed paying.

And then he came home and collapsed on the chair and stayed there for a very long time.  (I wonder why?!?!?!?)

He consumed much liquid nourishment, but was hungry for supper, so he had a baked potato that had been made quite mushy  (Thanks, FMM for the suggestion of mashed potatoes!)  and had some eggs fried over easy with the potato.  This revived his spirit to the point where he could watch some football before he went to bed.

And he slept good, got up late this morning, and is now doing morning chores outside.  His beard hides evidence, I’m sure, but it appears that he isn’t bruised, isn’t swollen, and is his usual cheerful self for the most part.

What a Man!  I’m so blessed to be his wife!

And the bread is almost gone, the weather is perfect for baking bread, so I will go and bake some bread for that good man.  I have a friend who often complains that I spoil this Certain Man.  I tell him that it has an awful lot to do with how he treats me.  (It wouldn’t hurt him to take some lessons from CM.)   I also tell him that good men are really hard to find these days, and I kinda like the one I have, so I am trying to do all I can to keep him. 


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  1. I continue to enjoy your posts.  They usually make me smile.  Blessings.

  2. Awwwww that is so sweetI am glad to hear he is doing well, I was thinking of him the other day, I was a mess when I had my wisdom teeth taken out as you remember…

  3. he needs spoiling when he works so hard! I try and do the same. I have also been accused. 😉 Hugs love you so much!

  4. Happy to hear he’s on the mend.   That surgery isn’t that easy for one that age  🙂

  5. What a sweet picture of true love you two are! And by the way, I have one of those other few good men!

  6. Wow, if he can perfom so mightily when under the weather, what can he do on a GOOD day?!  =D

  7. Ok when I had my wisdom teeth taken out I didn’t do anything for about a week! LOL  What a good man!  He deserves to be spoiled, maybe if your friend spoiled her husband more he’d be 1/2 as good. 

  8. Wow what a healthy man to recover so fast! I love your new profile photo It is a beautiful reminder of true love!! Today Is my Birthday ,Going to the thrift store ect.. with my girls so better run!! Have a great day ! TESS

  9. I am so glad you posted CM’s improved condition.  He does sound like a special guy, one to pamper and take good care of ’cause he certainly deserves it.  He takes good care of you!

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