It’s been a busy week at Shady Acres.  I have this new computer, and it is really pretty sweet.  However, I haven’t had much time to be on it, and Beloved Son in Law is doing some exacting and mysterious work with the two computers to get things transferred.

Something happened last night that just might make it that I have more time on here than I want!  I was going up my steps with a wash basket when something slid in my knee.  Now I injured both knees while in high school playing basketball, and sadly, they are not my strongest point.  Even with the 30+ pounds that I have lost, they have been giving me fits of late.  Yesterday the left one hurt all day.  Seriously.  And it is usually my good one.  It felt tight and there was just lots of sciatic pain.  Usually I just walk through stuff, and it eventually gets better, but whatever happened last night is not good.  And after this happened, I couldn’t put any weight on it unless my knee was locked into a straight position.  It wasn’t just pain, (though there was lots of that!) but an actual weakness that seemed to want to toss me down upon the floor. 

Whew!  it was no fun making the bed and finishing up last night.  There was much holding onto furniture as I motored myself about.  Couldn’t sleep when I got to bed for the pain, even with prescription strength pain meds.  I put a big pain patch on it this morning, and also put on a substantial knee brace.  There are showers to give and lunch to get into the oven and church.

Isn’t it wonderful how God allowed this to happen on Saturday night when I had a whole Sunday when I can sit in church and then in my chair?  I am so thankful for this day of rest.  I am so grateful that my Daddy and Mama insisted that we keep it a day of rest.  I know that there are still things that get done on this day that wouldn’t have to, but, for the most part, we keep it as a day of rest.

Certain Man, who also has terrible knees — needs to have them replaced, refuses to do it — is very sympathetic.  But he makes me feel like a wimp.  He has walked and worked and just kept going through all sorts of things like this.  I want to sit down and cry and say  “I think I’ll just go on into the emergency room now, and see what’s really the trouble” but his fortitude makes me say, “I think I can wait and just see what the doctor says come Monday morning . . .”

So that is the Sunday morning news from Shady Acres!  A Blessed and Holy day to all of you.  If you at all can, please go to church.  I don’t know how I would make it without the help of my brothers and sisters at our church.  They are an integral part of the many warm circles around my heart!


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  1. I’m looking forward to the corporate worship…even tho we decided to visit our children’s church today.  My heart goes out to you…feel hugged…and do make life easy for you  😉

  2. I am so pleased to read your site I had missed an entry somehow. Glad CM is recovered. I do so hope you can recover without further need of medical attention.  The work goes on doesn’t it no matter what!
    Take Care Dear Friend!

  3. Ouch!!  Please take care of yourself……here’s wishing your knees a speedy recovery.  I keep telling my mom that she needs to get hers checked out too…they are bothering her a lot too.

  4. Oh dear, my hubby injured his knee when he was a boy with a nail going in it, and every so often it still flairs up.  Friday night it decided to really give him a set back too, yesterday he hobbled on crutches, today a little bit better but still painful, so he could sympathize for sure…..take care of yourself…

  5. Oh, do take care – and enjoy this day of rest.

  6. Goodness me, I will be praying for you and your recoveryI have noticed that my knees start to ache before a rain storm comes in or when it gets colder, it is just a dull ache, it is anything serious…Take care and love you

  7. My knee went out during a workout after having Christian.  That was no fun!!  Owie!  Hope it’s feeling better!

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