Do any of you remember this post from almost exactly three years ago?

I’m posting it because the very same thing happened today to the very same person,

And the results have been just as encouraging!

In fact, the doctors say that this surgery went even better than the last.

Lynn came out of surgery, and a message soon after 1:00 said that she was alert and doing very well.

Praise God with us!

Please pray for my friend, Lynn.
Courageous, beautiful, serene.
Smiley, joyful, realistic.
So different from me,
but we have the same Heavenly Father.
And both of our earthly Daddies
are recently home to Heaven.
So much alike, too.
We both love words and laughter and friends.
We both love our homes and our families.
I love Lem and Jess.
She loves Jess and Lem.
She prays for her daughter and my son.
I pray for my son and her daughter.

Today, Dear Friend, you face an incomprehensible challenge.
And my prayers can scarcely think of anything else
besides an operating room at Johns Hopkins,
And what is happening there.

Lord Jesus, in your Holy Name I pray
For an incredible anointing of power and healing.
Guide the hands and thoughts of those who are operating or assisting.
Hold Lynn’s family in the calm of your grace.
May your eye that sees the sparrows keep watchful care of Lynn.
May the evidence of YOU be so inescapable
That no one, NO ONE can ever say
that it was anything but you!

This picture of Lynn and I was taken at Lem and Jessica’s wedding.

A Wedding 007

Dear Friend, may your recovery


speedy and uneventful!!!


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  1. Yes speedy and uneventful is my prayer also.

  2. She looks like a beautiful person inside and out. I will keep her in my prayers, too.

  3. I’ll be praying that she has a good recovery!

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