I am having a terrible time with this new computer and
pictures and such.  I have had to redo a couple of things
several times, and I am not sure I have things right, even
now.  Anyhow!  This is from our weekend.  We were in New
York City for a wedding.  I did not even get a picture of
Zachari and Mary (Roth) Yoder, and I am not sure how that
happened.  But I did get some pictures that some of my
Xanga friends will be interested in, I think.  I am not going to
do much explaining.  These pictures were taken at the
reception, and that was all the snapping I did!

This was the menu that was on each table.
The food was good.  
Youngest Daughter was sorry she missed it!

This was such a pretty shot, across the table
in the late afternoon sun.
I couldn’t resist.

ChucksChic and her little one, talking to SweetMama

NYC Little Ones 1
I believe Colleen might enjoy these next pictures

NYC Little Ones 2                      NYC Little Ones
These two were so (*edit) busy together.
It was a carnival to watch! 

NYC  Harlan 
I think there may have been a daddy
who was keeping track of things with a watchful eye.

WR 1
♫   Gotta’ Get The Shoes On Now!  ♫

And this one is for Iwillbeokay.
Dwight, LaZonya and their precious baby.


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  1. Hey, Mary Ann, now you are making me jealous! Thanks for putting on that picture just for me. The last we saw our little granddaughter she was only days old. Albert

  2. mmm stuffed grape leaves. Love that cuisine.

  3. I used to know that gal in the last picture. I have purchased baked goods & garden produce from her years ago. I think I once asked her if she there were any calories in that “shoe fly” pie and she said she’d have to ask her mother. Then I told her I was only kidding. I am just pretty sure it was a pie called shoe fly, I think with molasses in it ??? I may be wrong but I remember what a sweet and earnest little gal she was.Sweet little baby girl there.
    The picture with the sunlight on the table is really nice.

  4. Oh Mary Ann! I was reading back on some of the older posts that I missed, and was happily surprised to see these pictures of Harlan and Eve. Thanks for posting them! I wanted to pick Eve out of the pictures so badly and keep her here with me!

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