Valentines Day has always been special
for Certain Man and Me.
We had our first date on
Valentines day, back in 1971. 

After we were married,
e began to make sure to bring home
flowers for special occasions.

We were poor,
So he bought carnations. 
It was what he could afford.

I would rather have carnations
than anything else,
and that is what he still brings me.

This is this year’s bouquet.


After almost a week, it still looks great!

Thank-you, Sweetheart!!!



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  1. What a sweet guy you are married too! Don always got me flowers for Valentines’ Day. I missed them this year. How I miss him!

  2. I SO agree!! Once when we were dating and he was away in VS, my family took me to visit him, and we had a much-less-than-perfect weekend. I felt so depressed after I came back home. A few days later a beautiful bouquet of red carnations were delivered to my home, wired from Dick. What balm to my soul! They lasted a very long time, and I would kiss each beautiful flower goodnight! Carnations are the best!

  3. Top-notch carnations there, in the midst of a top-notch

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