I have chronicled the happy notice received by Beloved Son
in Law and Eldest Daughter, and we are still excited about
the fact that they are the chosen parents for a baby yet to
be born.  However (don’t you hate that word?!?!?) last week
the birth mom went for a sonogram to see if the baby was a
girl or a boy (they couldn’t tell) but the doctor determined
that her self-calculated due date was off by six weeks. 

So, we are back to the long waiting game again.  It is tough
for all of us, but it is no surprise to God.  He has this baby in
His hands, and those hands can reach where ours cannot —
He knows the end from the beginning, and we chose to trust
Him and His timing.

Say a prayer for Jesse and Christina, if you would please. 
There are lots of things to pray about these days, and I know
this is just one more, but I remember that when we were
waiting for Christina’s adoption, there were so many
setbacks, and after awhile, it was hard to believe that it
would actually happen.  God did something special in our
hearts during those excruciating days, and when she was
finally ours for keeps, we never ever doubted for a minute
that she was supposed to be ours, that God had blessed us
far above our expectations, and that His timing was best.

Jesse and Christina have been strong.  They have been
embracing the wait as part of the plan of God.  They have
comforted us when the disappointment was overwhelming. 
And so, I see God’s incredible grace at work in their lives —
but it doesn’t mean that it is easy.  So keep them in your
prayers and in your thoughts in the days ahead. 

And may God be honored in this delay.


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  1. Oh my what a disappointment.

  2. Thanks for sharing those thoughts.  I was a young waiter – eleven when my sister was born – but a waiter none-the-less.  It’s hard, and my prayers are certainly with their eager mommy and daddy hearts.  And yours, who knows so much about the waiting process!!!!  The joy when the adoption is complete is so incredible!  Those feelings have never left me.  I still remembering snuggling her close on the car ride home, and sharing my very favorite food the very first night of her arrival – french fries. 

  3. What a great attitude to have and a good reminder for others of us that are waiting also, maybe not for a baby, but we all wait for somthing important now and again!  My prayers are certainly added to yours!

  4. I feel for you and your family. I will indeed say a prayer. The bright side is that your knee will be less of an issue when the baby is brought home.

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