Tomorrow is the day that I am to have this troublesome left
knee “cleaned out, smoothed down and made better”
according to the good doctor.  I am eagerly looking forward
to the third part of that proclamation.  Today I feel a bit
overwhelmed — teary, in fact.  There is potato salad to make
for the quiz team concession stand, some bills to pay before
the end of the month, and the nagging, restricting pain that
makes me want to sit on my chair and do nothing.

I don’t really think that would be the best for me, either in
terms of keeping my range of motion as good as it can be, and
my emotional well-being, either.  I am realizing in a new way
how pain isolates people.  It isn’t so much that people stay
away from people in pain as it is that there is this turning
inward, sort of a protective shell that we throw up around us
that almost defies people to step across the boundary. 

I haven’t allowed myself the indulgence of feeling sorry for
myself.  It is a proven fact that it doesn’t make people
attractive!  It’s also a proven fact that positive thinking
helps alleviate pain.  I’ve been trying hard to put flesh to the
theory, and for the most part it has been good.  This
morning, it is just taking alot more effort than some times. 
It’s a good time to put into practice some of the principles
that I have proclaimed to live by.  This is one that is on my
fridge that is especially pertinent this morning:

“When cheerfulness is kept up against all
odds, it is the finest form of courage.”

So I am going to go and attempt, with the help of Almighty
God, to exhibit the finest form of courage.


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  1. I love that quote about cheerfulness! I must write that down. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and saying prayers that you will have a quick recovery. Don’t rid yourself too soon from the crutch as I did. It made my recovery a little more painful than necessary. Take care and God bless you, my friend.

  2. Bless you Dear Mary! I do, I really, really do see you as a very beautiful courageous gal! Love and prayers are going your way.

  3. I am sooo sorry!  If you need a place to recover, come on over… patient has started back to work part time this week…still on crutches, but getting there!  Was kinda sad to see him go…although Im very greatful for progress!  Take Care, and saying a prayer for you~

  4. I sure do hope the “cleaning out and smoothing down” goes as planned and has the hoped for result!  Choosing cheerfulness is always a good thing!

  5. Thank you, Mary Ann, for that post. You said it so well. I think I understand all those feelings right now. Sometimes it would seem easier to just give up and live in seclusion. Then I think there is a better day ahead and it cannot be very far away. I am praying your knee surgery will be successful. Albert

  6. it think you nailed it on the head. Pain is a condition you have to deal with all alone. But not the depressing feelings. Hang in there! Once in awhile you are allowed a good cry to God and tell him all your woes. That is what daddies are for..:)And xanga don’t forget Xanga LOL no comparison to God but sharing burdens feels good!

  7. I hope all goes ok for you and that indeed you feel much better when its all said and done! Blessings on your week!

  8. thots are with you………… glad you are going with HIM……………..He’s your courage and promises to “never leave you nor forsake you” 

  9. Dear Aunt Mary, here’s praying that all goes super duper well, and the recovery is speedy. Keep your chin up, and know that we love you and are thinking of you. I’d have made that potatoe salad for you if I would have been closer.

  10. Thinking of you today as you go to surgery! May God heal you fast!Miriam

  11. thinking of you and hoping and praying that all goes well with your knee and you feel as good as new!

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