Sweet Mama

I would like to ask you all  to pray for my mother SweetMama1129.

I was just beginning to believe that I was going to make it through this day (yesterday was hard on me!) when the phone rang and it was my Sweet Mama’s Cancer specialist from St. Joseph’s Hospital in Baltimore, MD.  I spoke of the battery of tests that she has been having in preparation for the followup, and yesterday morning, before Aunt Ruth’s funeral, she had taken herself in for some blood work and a CT Scan with contrast etc., etc., etc., because she thought she could manage herself since my knee was not up to par yet.  “I’ll be just fine,” she stated stoutly over my protests.  “I’ve done it before, and I can do it again.”  I should have insisted that someone go with her, but I actually forgot to call one of my sibs until she took off on her own.  She called me around 11:30 and was home again and everything was done.

At the meal, following the  funeral, she came and sat across the table from me and she and my Aunt Gladys were talking about the fact that Aunt Gladys had once claimed to be 15 years younger than Mama (she is, actually, only 3).  Aunt Gladys thought it was a good joke (seriously, it WAS) and Mama was acting like she had her nose out of joint over it (seriously, she probably did!)  Anyhow, I looked across the table at the two of them, and my heart gave a sudden lurch.  My Sweet Mama looked really off color to me.  I asked her how she was feeling and she said, “I’m really tired.  That stuff I had to drink this morning did not agree with me, and I don’t feel very good.”  She went home before too late, and when I talked to her later she reiterated that she was tired and not feeling very good.

Fast forward to this morning when Dr. Ziv Gamliel himself called me and said that the tests yesterday showed pulmonary emboli and that he wanted her taken immediately to the hospital.  He wanted a duplex scan done, he wanted her hospitalized for a couple of days with an Heparin IV drip and then he wanted her to be on coumadin.  He wanted to talk to her general practitioner to see if he could get her into the hospital without going through the emergency room, but if that didn’t work out, he faxed me the report and wanted me to take her straight to an emergency room with the report in hand and to insist that his orders be followed.  Mama’s GP is getting elderly.  He is from Maryland, and he really didn’t want to oversee this, so Dr. Gamliel said to just take her on in.  We had sorta’ planned to go to Seaford since that is where the testing was done but we really don’t know any doctors there.  We discussed it as a family, and the siblings sorta felt like Milford might be a better choice.  Then Deborah suggested a pulmonary care doctor that she sees when working in ICU that she has a great deal of respect for.  She contacted him and he agreed to be the consult if we went to Milford emergency room. Milford is closer for most of us, so that is what we decided to do.
It’s been a long day.  Mama was admitted to her room (205) around six this evening.  The initial report is that the duplex scan was negative for any blood clots in her legs.  They started IV heparin (**edit:  My eldest brother, Clint and his wife Frieda were in tonight and reported that she has had a shot, but that they haven’t started the drip — in any case, she is receiving treatment.) and it will be a “wait and see” situation.  Mama is very tired, but she isn’t in any distress;  no shortness of breath, no pain, just very, very weary.  A few weeks ago, she had a cough that we thought was connected with a cold, and she told me this morning that she had coughed up some blood at some point, she thinks, but isn’t sure.  The doctor says that the cough could very well have been from these emboli.
After Dr. Gamliel called this morning, I called my sisters, Alma and Sarah, and it suited Alma to drive us to the hospital.  It is hard for me to not do the things for Mama that needs doing, but God made us a family, and my siblings are more than willing to help out, and I needed them so badly today.  We got to the hospital and things went pretty well until around two, and then I crashed.  Christina and Jesse brought me home to my LaZboy and some percoset and I left Mama in the capable hands of Alma and Nel and Rose.  We are very pleased with how things are being handled.  Mama seems to be accepting that this is necessary at this time and the doctors and attendants are going out of their way to humor her.  (It never ceases to amaze me how young, handsome men bring out the charm for my 80 year old mama!  It makes me laugh.  I mean, even Dr. Gamliel.  He shakes my hand properly, but he HUGS Mama with joyous abandon.  They just all love her . . .and I’m not blind.  She is still pretty!)

And that is the news from Shady Acres and places round about.  There are many things to occupy all our hands and hearts these days, and much for which to be thankful.  Let’s not forget how good we have it, and to remember the many, many less fortunate than we are.  It is easy for me to forget — when the  knee is aching and I’m so anxious to do the things that need doing, and I feel like I am somehow being neglectful of things important . . .

But really, I have it so good.  And I am quite certain that God knew I needed a strong reminder that things are really never under my control anyhow. 

“Ah, Lord Jesus, tame this restless heart!”



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15 responses to “Sweet Mama

  1. Oh, please tell Sweet Mama that we are praying for her.

  2. And we are, too!  Please give her our love.  And isn’t it nice to have that nurse connection in the family, who can pull the right strings, and who knows the right people at a time like this? 

  3. Relay my concern to your Sweet Mama and that I am praying for her.(and for you also Dear BEG)

  4. Just wanted you to know I care and will take those cares to Him!

  5. I’m so sorry to hear it! I was so happy to see her at the viewing the other night and to be able to give her a hug. I agree. She’s a pretty lady!   Praying for her … and you.

  6. Tell Sweet Mama that I’m praying for her and that I love her.  I’m so very sorry to hear that she’s not feeling well.  ~Shanda

  7. God bless all of you today and may you feel his sustaining grace and strength. I too will pray for all of you. Albert

  8. Such full days; may all be well for you in due time.mw

  9. To see somone one day and learn they are in the hosptal the next is a shock. May God be with you all this Lord’s Day.

  10. Hope that SweetMama is doing better today – my prayers are with you all!!

  11. I am sorry your Mama  has to go through this, but could she have more people caring for her?  She is in good hands.  I am glad you know when to “crash” and sit down and let the other siblings take care of things.  I know it isn’t easy, but you can’t even under the best of health do it all.  I will say prayers for you all. God is blessing you.

  12. RYC:  Yes, my hands are cracked and sore. I get cracks around my thumb nails that just can’t seem to heal.  I bump them no matter what I do and that keeps them open and soooooooo sore.  I have other cracks, too, but the thumbs are the worst!  I am going to have to start wearing gloves to bed at night with lotion and then rubber gloves when I put my hands in water.  Definitely must wear garden gloves, like it or not.  I am not going to let my hands get this way ever again.  Our 8% or less humidity does everyone’s skin a disfavor here in AZ.
    I hope your Mama is doing well.  Keep us posted.

  13. Could you send me your E-mail address again? It slipped away for me, and I have the CD’s ready to go.Miriam

  14. Never a dull moment, right? I hope and pray that your mother is doing okay. I just saw the pictures on Doris’s website from the banquet at Shady Maple. I surely wish we would have been able to go.

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