I went to my primary care physician today to address some of the things with my knee, and to see if pain meds were being handled the best way and if I was being responsible about them all.  It was gettting on towards five hours since I had pain meds, and I was having a hard time not spilling the tears that wanted to gather in my eyes.  He rose to the occasion and put together a great plan for me, and I am quite content with it.
Thn just before I left, he patted the knee they didn’t operate on and said, “You poor soul.  Bless your heart.  You are trapped in an old woman’s body!’ 
Since then, I have thought of some snappy comebacks — (“It’s a whole lot better than being trapped in an old MAN”S body!” is the more “printable retort” that I’ve thought of).  Be that as it may, I love my Primary Care Physician dearly and I know he meant well.  Given the emotionally charged atmosphere, I’m inclined to think that he didn’t really think it through.  He handed me my chart and sent me to the front desk.  “Just hand this to — and she’ll take care of you.” He said and patted my shoulder again as I went by.
There was a lady ahead of me, who was taking a very long time, and no one seemed to be hurrying any.  I decided to use my time to read through my chart.  It was pretty good reading until someone came crashing out of the cubicle door into the hall and said, “I can take care of you over here at this other window.  You don’t need lab work or anything, just a return appointment, so come on over to the side window, and I will take care of things for you.”  I really wonder if they didn’t want me nosing through my chart, or if they felt sorry for me standing there on my sore leg.  I suppose I’ll never know, but if there is a long line in the same situation, I think I’ll try it again and see if it gets me some service in a timely fashion.
And just so you know, the new schedule for pain meds that is heavy on ibuprofen combined with vicoden and a muscle relaxant as needed, is doing a great job.  I am so pleased.  Still hurts, but it is better!  This is very good.
And my Sweet Mama is home and doing well.  Tomorrow she has lab work to see if the blood thinner is doing okay, but she really is coming along very well.  I hate it that I am not taking her tomorrow, but my sister, Alma will do it for me, and that is probably better than me heading out to do it with some of these side effects.  I realize that I really like to know things about her care and unless I ask the questions myself, I am never quite satisfied with the answers.  It isn’t that someone else can’t do it — (because they’ve proven time and time again that they CAN!) it is just that I like it better when I hear it straight from the source, and understand what it is that they are telling me.
Except for that thing my doctor said.  I understand that well enough, thank you, and I wish I didn’t.



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  1. I was thinking about you and Sweet Mama, so was glad for the update on both of you.  Blessings!

  2. I’m glad there’s a way to relieve some of your pain, and I’m glad you Sweet Mama is home again, but I’m not glad your doctor made such an insensitive comment. I can think of a few unprintable retorts as well.

  3. yep You are in southern DE!What a jerk. seriously. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I can’t imagine such a doctor!!  I would have been so insulted, too.  Whatever was he thinking?  At least you are getting some relief from the pain which is good. I have been wondering if your mother was home yet.  Good news!

  5. Glad to know your Mother is doing well. I am sorry for the insensitive comment of your doctor but then again no one is getting any younger. I am trying to accept this aging process just as your docotor will someday have to for himself.
    At least he is helping you control the pain and that is a blessing.

  6. I’m so glad that you’ve found a good combination to help with your pain and also happy that you mom is doing good!
    Have a good day!

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