It’s a wonderful rainy morning in Delaware!
We are in great need of rain,
This is most a most welcome development!

I need to bake bread.
Rainy days make the best bread.
I am so pleased.

And the gimpy knee is
enjoying a pretty good day.
In spite of the weather.
I am ecstatic.

So I am going to bake that bread.
Resting in between, of course.
Ah, what sweet bliss I feel
To be able to do it.

And tomorrow is a
“Fifth Sunday”. 
There is something so heartwarming
About church potluck.
Life just gets better and better.

“Lord of all,

To Thee we raise

This our hymn

Of Grateful Praise.”



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  1. so glad that knee is healing nicely and letting you be up and going some.  Isn’t it about grandbaby time?

  2. Thanks so much,  enjoyed the visit and evening, it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fresh baked bread…..I think I can actually smell it’s lovely fragrance. Good to hear you are doing well!

  4. Glad to hear your knee is better. I knew you’d do it! I wanted to bake bread yesterday but we worked outside instead. I improved my flower bed and helped carry branches of a tree we had cut down. My knees were feeling it till we were finished!

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