Funeral travels. . .

We spent two days going.

We spent two days coming.

And we were only gone three nights.

What a wonderful, wonderful time.

How special to see so many people in my family.

How refreshing to meet old friends.

How blessed to be able to celebrate the life of a good man.

But oh, how wonderful it is to be safely home again.

I am suddenly very, very much ready for my very own bed.


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4 responses to “Funeral travels. . .

  1. So glad you are home safe and sound! Mark is still on the road but it shouldn’t be long now! Nelson just called and he is home. Sleep well in that very own bed of yours. The older I get the more I really, really like my own bed.

  2. I was traveling around xangaland last evening and saw you on the cousin picture on Polly’s site. So I knew you had gone to Michigan. We always say that it takes an uncle or an aunt’s funeral to get to see our far-flung cousins. My dad’s family is just enormous (many hundreds) and all over the United States and the world. Yes, I do love my own bed more than ever – and my own bathroom and my own mirror and my own water, ha, ha, ha!Glad you had such a blessed time and are safely home again.

  3. There is no place like home!  I am glad you had a safe trip and got to see your family of afar.

  4. Well, it’s Saturday now and I hope you’ve gotten some nice rest in the last few days.  Thinking of you.  Happy Easter!  Love, Shanda

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