Easter Monday Musings

What a great Easter Season this has been!!!  A week ago right now, we were feverishly trying to get ready to go to Michigan for Uncle Luke’s funeral.  In all honesty, it has been almost too busy to think about things in a proper manner.  I was looking (very briefly) at some sites this morning, and saw where someone had noted that Xanga just wasn’t all that “cool” anymore.  With Facebook, Twitter, Utube, etc. Xanga is on its way out (so “they” said, anyhow).

Stuffin’ Nonsense!!!

I would much, much rather read a xanga blog any day than surf over the facebook and read one sentence things that make me wonder, “What in the world was behind that???”  And those little one-liners:  “Sally Jones really, really doesn’t like it at all.”  It drives me crazy!!!  What doesn’t Sally Jones like?  Why doesn’t she like it?  It is something I could fix or pray about it?  Sometimes if I know the person, I go through all sorts of mental gymnastics that include things like, “Is that put there so someone will call and ask what’s wrong?”  “If I do call and ask what is wrong, will they think I’m meddling.”  “But then, they put it out there on the web for all to see, and if no one even pays attention, will they think no one cares?”  “But maybe they just want people to pray/feel sorry/be inquisitive etc., etc., etc..”

And then there are all those applications.   I don’t know what to do with these things.  They sound so interesting, but I can’t figure out what to do with them.  I don’t mind being related to everybody and their dog.  It’s been the story of my life.  But the pokes, the easter eggs, the flowers, the gifts, the jabs, the quizzes. Ah, the QUIZZES.  “Somebody in your town called you stupid.  Take the IQ challenge now and prove them wrong.”  “How Amish are you?”  “What woman in the Bible are you most like?”  There is no end to them, and even though I am quite sure people who send them to me may be slightly interested in the results, I am also just as confident that I won’t seriously hurt their feelings if I decide that I really don’t care which shakespearian drama character I am most like. 

My kids think that the solution to all my problems would be to just not even go on Facebook.  And that would be my choice, (probably) except for one thing — Where else will I get a chance to see fresh pictures of babies that are heartwarming and reassuring?  How can I not be at least a little bit interested in finding old friends?  I confess that I am, and it is no small source of delight.  And I do get brief glimpses into the lives of our five adult children and the three beloved in-laws . . .

But I can’t put my heart on Facebook the way I do here.  It doesn’t seem right somehow to expound on the people I love and the choices that make up my life and the lives of the people who live and laugh and love at Shady Acres.  There’s never enough room.  I don’t get the feeling that people are really interested, anyhow, and my precious Xanga Friends might not get a chance to go over there and look things up.  They just might be like I am — enough facebook handicapped to be stymied by the whole facebook thing.  I really get concerned that I am missing important things in the lives of friends when the oldest message on my opening page is only three hours old, and I haven’t really checked things for a couple of days.  Oh, dear!

I’ve been wanting to write a big post on here about our eventful trip to Michigan last week, and maybe I will get around to it yet.  I am experiencing a rather difficult day with my knee, (it felt like something went a little haywire in there yesterday at church and it has been complaining ever since).  That makes me feel unable to really get the trip together into a neat, little, entertaining package and give it the twist of solemnity and hilarity that made it THE tip to remember.  I hope to have a chance to do that later.  It was a time that could warm the coldest heart, and I wouldn’t have wanted to miss it under any circumstance. 

It is time to change a washer and to get this knee up again.  Blessings to all my dear, dear friends in Xanga-land.  Let’s use Facebook as a servant, and keep it in its place!!!

Oh.  Right.  Xanga, too!




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24 responses to “Easter Monday Musings

  1. Right on! could not say it any better. xanga is very useful in more ways than one.mw

  2. Fun post!  I had a facebook account but shut it down about a year ago when I was spending too much time on the computer.  I’m just fine with xanga, although I have lost a few friends to blogger!  I have an account “over there” so I can keep up, but I do like xanga best! 
    Hope the knee settles down soon.  I have a slight headache, but I know it’s because I’m tired.  I was all full of vim and vigor today because of the springlike weather we had…and couldn’t sit still.  I’m slowing down now….and dinner is almost done. The kids are cleaning up the house for their Daddy’s arrival.
    ((HUGS)) to you and sweet Mama!  ~your friend~Shanda

  3. I understand what you are saying about Facebook.  There are some good things about it but I still love my xanga sight.  Go Xanga.  Hope the knee gets better.

  4. facebook doesn’t have the depth that blogging does. But that is why I blog more than FB anyway. Them Quizzes are really poorly put together.You are right. i found out far too much about people than I want I know on Fb than I am comfortable with when they post things.One positive is that my family and old friends are mostly on there and don’t blog. So I am torn.Xanga rules!

  5. facebook is there when you have a blogging burn out…..=) 

  6. I like to read xanga better – but I can’t write very well – so facebook works for me ‘cuz I can write 1 sentence πŸ™‚  I just ignore all the applications !

  7. BEG your post is very timely. My sis-is-law Marshall1250 just today wrote much the same thing. You  might enjoy seeing what she wrote.(come to think of it she may post “protected”) Nevertheless I agree with both of you. Xanga is the best. I would really miss it if I didn’t have this way to keep in touch and also to meet new people.

  8. Well said.  I like FB but it took me ages.   I got on a bit ahead of my friends because my niece set up an account so I could see some pictures.  I didn’t like it until my friends joined, now I love it.  But I don’t like the quizzical one liners either.  Or the pokes, jabs, and strange applications that I can’t make work. 

  9. Keep on Xangaing Mary dear. I sure don’t plan on quitting anytime soon. I am slowing down a bit. Not sure if it’s laziness, burnout or tired of some people saying, “I just have to much to do to get into Xanga!” Somehow that always feels like a big poke or slam. I still love Xanga and will look forward to keeping on keeping up with all these fabulous friends and family! Today Queena called and said she had just posted some new pictures of Dorie on facebook. I was glad she gave me a heads up.

  10. Well said.  I haven’t set up an account on FB yet, and I’m not sure if I will.  I do enjoy reading the Xanga blogs of my friends. I pray that your knee will improve.

  11. I really like Xanaga. I don’t know who wouldn’t!!

  12. I have friends who just think I need to open a facebook account so we could “keep in touch”. I wonder does anyone use the telephone anymore, or sit and write letters? Since my father has been gone now for nearly 5 years, I come across some of his notes in the woodworking cabinets I got from his shop. I hang on to those notes, drawings, and scribbles- they are a part of him. I’m afraid some people may only have a computer full of posts to pass on .

  13. Lucy and I have echoed your thoughts when we talk about Xanga and what it means to us.  Look!  We would never have met you if you had gone to FB instead.  Stay with Xanga.  We certainly will.

  14. Amen and amen.  Xanga forever!  (Well, maybe not FOREVER.)  =D

  15. I agree with you on Facebook.  I go there just to see what the young (and sometimes older) people in my life are doing, but I like the creative opportunities afforded by Xanga.

  16. totally agree w/ you. Go xanga!! I signed up for xanga to keep up w/ my nieces and nephews and now it’s facebook. but I still love all the good posts out there on xanga!! and a one liner just doesn’t cut it at times. please keep posting.

  17. Amen and Amen !!  I am not a writer, but I love reading posts by my friends (and especially yours!)   I signed up with FB to keep up with some of my away family and friends.  Soon I became too much involved in FB and had to discipline myself and limit my time on both places.  Keep on xanging, you all!!   (Is that a word?)  Pray your knee feels better fast and that baby comes soon to stay forever. 

  18. Amen & amen to the thoughts about FB. I hate all those extras & feel like a party pooper when I don’t do any of them. So I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels that way! My SIL signed me up so I could see the pictures they put up of their kids etc. I haven’t been doing too much on here either but prefer it by far. I don’t know you but do enjoy reading your site. I had just read your comment to my BIL & that’s why I came over here. Blessings… Lavina

  19. I totally agree with you about Facebook and Xanga – I have been feeding my xanga posts to FB mostly so people “over there” can see the pictures.  I have found FB to be a place where I have reconnected with people from my hometown which does mean a lot to me.  One story about FB which has kept me going back – after I got on there, I got a message from a person whose name I did not recognize.  She went on to remind me of who she was and that my Dad and Mom (and me too because I loved to ride with Dad) had a ministry where we picked up kids for Sunday School every Sunday.  She was one of those kids and the story was such a blessing to my Dad when I read it to him.  But I don’t care for all the “frenetic” applications and always will come back to Xanga.  Thank you, MaryAnn for once again expressing so very well the way that many of us are feeling.  The Lord has truly gifted you in your writing!!
    Blessings on you and I pray that your knee will be better soon!

  20. I love to write, so Facebook would never satisfy that need for me. I also have built such deep friendships through blogging, and it has become my own diary for myself. But Facebook has become a fun way to connect with family and friends in much less time. I totally ignore all those extra applications and quizzes. So I am actually loving both blogging and Facebooking.

  21. v from Idaho

    Dear Mary Ann,
    We have been on vacation for the past couple weeks so I got behind in my blog reading.  I just want to let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate your testimony of love for our Lord. Today it was through tears that I read about your uncle and the adoption of your daughter.  v from Idaho

  22. haha! I can’t adjust to using FB either- I think I’m just too wordy! πŸ™‚

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