I fell so in love with “Three Little Birds” and “Who’s My Pretty Baby” that have been playing over on  www.xanga.com/purpleamthyst76’s site that Middle Daughter went on line and bought me the three CD’s that were available by Elizabeth Mitchell. I think I like “You are my little bird” CD the best, but I do enjoy the others, too.

Youngest Daughter had chosen “Three Little Birds” for the soundtrack on her part of her senior video. (Each Senior chooses a song and while it is playing, a variety of pictures from their life so far are shown) .  Anyhow, she chose it with Bob Marley singing it (which is okay–if you are 18, that is) but still a bit different from the version on my new CD. Even before I had received the CD”s, the song from purpleamethyst76’s site was stuck in my head, and I kept singing it over and over again until it really got on her nerves.

I didn’t realize how much I was singing it until one day she suddenly said, “If I hear one more family member singing MY song, I am going to CHANGE it!” I really didn’t want that to happen, so I immediately tried to not sing it around her — and that’s when I found out how much I was singing it. One day I even got out the beginning of the first words and had to quick make up a new tune and change the words to something that sounded authentic until I could get out of sight and hearing. Thankfully the choice is now turned in and there is no more changing it.

Whew! I can sing it again!

♫Woke up this mornin’, smiled at the rising sun.  Three little birds. . . on my doorstep . . .♫


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  1. I loved that song the first time I heard it and I still love it!  It’s such a happy song…and I catch the family humming/whistling/and singing it, too.  Also, the children like to watch PBS on TV and they have a commercial that plays it in the background now, too!  I was so shocked when we first realized it…. and now the kids say, “Here’s your song, mom!”
    Other favs by her (since you have all her cd’s):  “I’m so glad I’m here”  “Oh Groundhog” (’cause Seth was born on that day), “Little Sack of Sugar”  “One day, two day, three days old” “You are my Flower” (Grace is the flower of our family), “Pony Boy” (Grace likes to sing that one to Seth). . . and others but I won’t type them ALL out.. 🙂
    Happy Sunday to you!  We went to church and then to Taco Bell for lunch.  It’s a lovely, sunny day here.

  2. I would LOVE to hear you sing the Bob Marley version! 

  3. I am going to have to check that song out.  Sounds like one I would like, too.

  4. I also must look into this song. I am so out of the loop I do not know who Bob Marley is.

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