Please pray with us for Jesse and Christina and “Baby Boo”

If the baby isn’t born before Friday, the birth mom’s doctors are planning to induce labor.

There is a chance that Jesse and Christina will only be able to keep this baby for a week because of legal matters. (It’s complicated!)

And Certain Man and I plan to head for Ohio on Sunday afternoon.  There are Yutzy family issues that desperately need attention the first part of the week, and Youngest Son graduates from college the latter part of the week.

I can’t begin to tell you how torn this Grandma’s heart has been.  I really want/need to go to Ohio.  I want to be with my husband, and I really want to be there for the week with his siblings/family and then to be able to attend to Grad things.  But this is our first grandbaby.  And if they need to give it up, this week coming up is all the time I might have to be his/her grandma.

I know that a week isn’t all that long, but we want to pour all the love and prayers and touching and hugs into that little one that we can.  I can’t very well do that from Ohio.  From the very beginning, I have sensed that the Enemy has plans for this little one, and not for “good.”  I long for you all to stand with us in praying for Jess and Chris and especially Baby Boo.  God’s ways are not our ways, and I know this better that I care to admit.  (Especially about now, I would like to be an advisor to The Most High).  And even if this baby isn’t ours to keep, we can pray that the Satan’s plans for him/her would be hindered.  That the love that has already been poured out for this family would provide healing for the pain, and that God would somehow stamp His Image on that tiny heart and turn it early towards a Heavenly Father. 


Oh, Lord Jesus, would you stretch your strong arm tonight where ours cannot go, and bless this little one? Bless the birth mom with peace, and with strength and comfort as the days stretch out.  Protect this baby for the good of the child, and for Your Holy Name’s sake.  May the days ahead be so touched with Miracle and Glory and Grace that we cannot miss your loving hand in our lives.  I pray that each of the birth family would sense it as well.  Enable us to serve you faithfully and with joy.  Cause us to rest in the knowledge that you are not indifferent to any of the people involved here — that you will continue to be GOD even when it seems like evil prevails and things are so confusing and sad.  We know that you have a plan.  Help us to be careful that we don’t hinder that plan by looking for selfish and earthly solutions.  Grant us the presence and comfort of the Holy Spirit. And through it all, Lord Jesus, May you receive the honor and glory.  In your Holy Name I pray, with Thanksgiving for who you are.    Amen!         



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  1. I’m agreeing with you in prayer.

  2. And again I say ‘amen’.

  3. praying for you all this morning…..

  4. Amen.   Praying for you all

  5. Praying with you.  I  know you’ll be the best grandma you can be!

  6. I too will pray for all of you.

  7. I will be praying as well, and I will be looking forward to see how God works in this situation.  Much love~

  8. Will be praying and hoping for the best in the situation

  9. Praying your prayer with you! ~Erica

  10. praying….how well I relate to this story as we have our own adoption struggle going on right now…..Blessings!!!!!

  11. The tears flowed tonight as I prayed your prayer with you.  It brought back memories and pain.   I pray God will give you peace.  Trust Him.  I’ll continue to pray…. Oh, you all will make such good parents and grandparents!!

  12. Oh, Mary Ann… can we ever understand God’s mysterious ways? We are all agreeing together with you in prayer. Lately I have been singing this little Cares Chorus to the Lord every morning on my way to school. “I cast all my cares upon You,I lay all of my burdens down at Your feet.And even when I don’t know what to do,I will cast all my cares upon You.”

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