The news we’ve been waiting for
copied from
Christina’s Xanga page.


Christina Bontrager

 Happy Birthday Baby Boo!!!

Baby Girl born tonight.

 7 lbs. 6 oz.

Now we wait for the results of the paternity test, to see if she’s ours forever…♥


Now my additions:

A very interesting family sort of thing:

Exactly Nine months ago tomorrow,

 Youngest Son sent Beloved Son in Law the following text message:

“I had a dream you guys got a beautiful baby girl”

That gives me goosebumps!

Continue to pray for us all, Dear Friends.  
 am very aware that we are on an emotional roller coaster.
(And just in case you are wondering about a name, Jess and Chris are planning to call her “Baby Boo” until the paternity test is back.  They may change their minds about this, but for now, she’s “Baby Boo.”)




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  1. praying for you all that He gives you all peace as you wait………

  2. Congratulations Grandma!  I pray God’s peace through the rollercoaster ride.

  3. That gives me goosebumps too. GOD!!!! Hear the cry of our hearts!

  4. Congratulations and Prayers. 

  5. I notice we all are with caution for the congratulations.  This would be one of those times where “leaving it in God’s Hands” would be a real test.  And we all wish we could “do something”!!!  We are ………… praying.  It seems in alot of ways a “God thing”…….  and it is.  This is a prayed for babe!  She is blessed!!!

  6. My heart is touched by this news.  God’s blessings to all!

  7. RE: your comment..when he’s thirsty, he (in a very pathetic tone)says,”Gow!” The origin of that is a mystery as well! Toddlers are mysterious creatures indeed! BTW, Marina is marrying Landon Lehman, son of Chester and Janice Lehman from Southern Indiana, and Daniel is marrying Emily Everett, whom he met when he was attending MVNU. She hails from Columbus!My prayers and congratulations are with you! I sincerely hope that things go as we all hope they will!

  8. Mary Ann, I am rejoicing, albeit cautiously, with you and your family. “For I know the plans I have for you (and Baby Boo), says the Lord. They are plans for good and not disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” I pray the peace of God to be your strength during this time of rejoicing and waiting.

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