Baby Boo is Beautiful.  Her happy Daddy and Mama are allowed to bring her home from the hospital tomorrow.  We’ve seen pictures and it is amazing how healthy and beautiful she is.  I am so anxious to see her, hold her, and tell her how much we love her, how long we’ve waited until just the right baby came.  We continue to pray for the paternity situation, and we will all breathe a little easier when that gets settled.

And Certain Man and I came to an agreement tonight about the Ohio trip.  It looks like it would be best in the long run for me to stay here until Thursday when I can get a ride out in time for Lem’s Graduation Festivities.  It has been difficult for me to give up a trip that I’ve been looking forward to for a long time, but I feel a sense of “rightness” about the decision.  I was so blessed by my sister in law, Rachel’s affirmation this morning when I was talking to her.  She agreed that if it were her or any of Daniel’s sisters who were in my situation, they would stay home.  “Christina needs you,” she said comfortingly, “and I think you should be there.”  Somehow that made the decision easier for both Daniel and me.

I’ve been grumpy today — the knee has been unusually troublesome since the shot it was given a week ago to “calm it down” and then the pharmacy got concerned that I am using too many pain meds, so I’ve been trying to cut it back.  It isn’t working.  I was following my doctor’s orders to a “T” but decided that maybe I could do without meds at night — and I did go to sleep and stayed asleep pretty well, but when I got up in the morning, the pain was just plain out of control once I was on my feet, and it seems to take all day to really get ahead of it.  I am tempted to try one more day and see if it settles down, but this day has pretty much convinced me that it isn’t worth it  — at least not yet.

Thanks again for all who have prayed, written, telephoned and just plain CARED!  It means so much to our families and I believe that God has His eye on this situation.  He will never leave us, never forsake us.  I choose to believe that.

As soon as Jesse and Christina are comfortable with it, I will post some pictures.




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  1. Oh my word, I feel like I’m reading a novel that I can’t wait till I get to the end to see how it turns out. The suspense is building…

  2. Baby Boo is a blessed child to be surrounded by so much love prayers. My thoughts are with you folks.

  3. Yes…….the waiting is hard for us, how must it be for you all.!!! So sorry to hear about your knee.  Remember, it’s your knee and your life and you really need to do what your body tells you that you need to do.

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