And now we turn our attention to another momentous event.

Youngest Son graduates from Cedarville University this weekend.

We’ve engaged wonderful caregivers for Nettie and Cecilia.

Certain Man is already in Ohio.

Early tomorrow morning, Beloved Son in Law, Eldest Daughter, Baby Charis, Middle Daughter and Youngest Daughter and I will attempt to navigate the distance between Milford, Delaware, and Plain City, Ohio.

To say the least, this will be interesting.  This Grandma has to find a way to keep her knee from getting too unhappy.  Eldest Daughter needs to find a way to keep Baby Charis from getting too unhappy.  And we all need to find a way to travel with excitement and joy and anticipation.  500 miles can get really long!!!

When you think of us, say a prayer for safety, harmony and most of all, for an uneventful trip for Charis.  The last few days have been incredibly busy, and full of lots of changes for all of us, but especially for such a little baby.

“Lord, send  your angels to watch over us . . .”


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  1. Have a great momentous weekend!

  2. Granny, I stopped in today to take a peek and hold sweet little Charis. She is sooooooooo tiny and soooooooooo sweet!!!I just wanted to keep rubbing my cheek against her soft warm cheek! I’m so happy for you all! Safe travels tommorrow. ~POLLY~

  3. You’ll have such a good time. What a happy, happy week for your family.

  4. Safe travels and happy times for you all as a familytake care and love you guys!

  5. Take care, you have so much to be thankful for.

  6. My prayers will travel with you.  Have a wonderful time.  All will be good.

  7. CONGATULATIONS to the new grandparents.  Our prayers are with you as you travel.  Hope things go well and may God bless.

  8. congratulation to your son, no small task!

  9. I know I’m late commenting on here about the baby but I just wanted to tell you I am so happy for Jesse and Christina and all ya’ll that everything worked out with Charis!!!! PTL!!

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