Misc Rach, Baby, Lem's Grad 274

This is our family at Grad. 

We got the young man graduated.

What an incredibly happy day.

More pictures to come, Lord willing.

(By that, I mean that somehow, someway, He will have to make me some time!!)



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  1. Graduations are always a fun time.

  2. Congrats!  This is the son I met in Iowa.  I am so happy for him and you all. 

  3. It looks like a happy day with a happy family!!!  So glad for Lem.  I was blessed by the little connection we got while you were in Ohio.  And then not only you but the whole gang and……………….the new babe!  Eager to see her grow and blossom.

  4. Congrats  what a nice looking bunch!

  5. What a fine crew. Congrats to Lem. What was his major? I’d be glad to here more about Cedarville.mw

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