For the very first time in my life, I am a grandmother on Mother’s Day!!!

The family (including my mama, missing Lem and Jessica) was home for lunch.

Before lunch, Eldest Daughter wanted a four generation picture.

mother's day 202

How very blessed we are! 
Christina, Charis, Me and Mama

(Oh, boy . . .  When I see pictures like this, I understand why people think that Mama and I are sisters!)



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  1. Nice picture.  What a treasure!

  2. That is a gold mine!  I think it displays wonderfully 4 generations!

  3. Happy Mother’s Day!! I am so excited for you to at last have a grand daughter! I don’t think you look like your Mother’s sister! Maybe your Mother looks like your sister!

  4. That is just awesome!! You all look so proud and happy!

  5. what a treasure!! that little girl is so blessed to be loved by all of you. sisters??? I don’t think so….

  6. Such a swet picture! Happy Mother’s Day!!

  7. What a lovely picture.  So happy for allof you!  Blessings!

  8. That picture is a real keeper! Your expressions say it all!

  9. An absolutely BEAUTIFUL 4-generation photo! What a treasure!!!

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