Yesterday was an interesting day for me.  I had my mother here for lunch, and it was so special to be able to cook for her and my family.  I am always so aware of how close we came to not having her.  This picture is so good of her, I think.   It was taken before lunch yesterday, and it captures her health, her pluckiness and her good looks all at the same time.

mother's day 183

In the background, of course, is our oldest daughter, holding Charis. 

But I like this picture, also taken yesterday, of the whole family.
mother's day 184
Jesse is a wonderful daddy.  And Christina is a natural when it comes to their baby.
What a happy Mother’s Day this was for Christina,,
(Her usual reaction on this day was to just get away!)

Middle Daughter was in the middle of everything yesterday,
taking pictures, helping with lunch, playing with the baby.
This picture was taken in Ohio, last weekend.
She and her Aunt Lena always have lots of things to talk about.
Graduation and Charis 022
I honestly don’t know what I would do without Deborah. 
She is a daughter that is a great encouragement to me.
But she is more than a daughter — she is my friend.
Which is a good thing when a daughter is an adult.

Raph and Gina brought me the neatest flower arrangement for Mother’s Day.
Raph said that it was Gina’s doings.
She said that it was from both of them, and that was final!
It is never hard to catch them in this sort of a situation:
mother's day 177

(I am so glad that they like each other.) 
Regina made a wonderful tossed salad to add to our cookout yesterday.
I never get to see enough of our married sons and daughters in law.

Lem called yesterday to wish me “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!”
He and Jessica have moved into their apartment in King of Prussia.
They weren’t able to be with us, but it was easily understandable.
Graduation and Charis 023
This picture was taken when our family went out to eat
after the convocation on Friday night before grad.
Jessica started her new job today. 
I am so comforted by the fact that (even though the challenges are mighty, indeed)
she knows the Captain of her ship, and with the gifts given to her by Him,
she should be just fine. 

And then there is my youngest, Rachel.
She’s been home from school sick today.
Didn’t go to School, didn’t go to work.
Her throat is sore, and her nose is stuffy.
She aches all over and gives me frequent updates:
“I almost threw up, upstairs.”
“I really can’t taste anything.”
“My throat hurts so bad I can’t stand it.”
“Yeah, I really think I’m getting sick.”
I don’t know if she doesn’t think I hear her,
or if she thinks that if she says it often enough, I will believe her.
The truth is, I BELIEVE HER. 
I’ve seen that red throat.
I saw how she pretty much just slept all day.
Maybe she needs to believe herself.
This picture was taken in happier days.
Also at Graduation.  She won’t like it.  But that’s okay. 
Graduation and Charis 012

(I tried repeatedly to put another one on here and it wouldn’t download.)
(So it’s not my fault.  Right?)  RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then there is the one who I refuse to be a mama to.
He does not address me as “Mama” and I don’t address him as “Daddy.”
But he is the reason that I am a mama.
And out of all of these people,
He really is my favorite.
Misc Rach, Baby, Lem's Grad 277

Where are you looking, Mr. Yutzy? 
What is in those hazel eyes behind the dark glasses?
So many things that face us now.  But there’ve been challenges before.
So many places to explore.  But so many places that we have been together.
I hope you never have to guess how much I love you.
But more than that, I hope you know how much I respect you.
How glad I am that you chose me to share your life
and to be the Momma to your children.

I am so blessed to be
a daughter,
a sister,
a wife,
and a momma!

(and so much more . . .)


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  1. I hope Rachel recovers soon. Tell her I believe her she sounds very ill and I wish her well.
    Your post is very nice, you have a lovely family and nice looking husband. You are indeed blessed.

  2. What a nice tribute to your family!  You are indeed blessed.

  3. Just beautiful, Mary Ann. Each one of these is blessed to have you.

  4. What a nice, nice post!  =)

  5. you are blessed, and you are a blessing

  6. i hate my dialup, ’cause it won’t let me load pictures.   Even though I see a lot of your fambly, and love them dearly, I just love to see ALL your pictures instead of the top half.     anyway, thanks for sharing …  you just say it so well.

  7. I think Rachel looks lovely in that picture.  And the rest of the post is nice too.

  8. Mary Dear what a delightful post. I’m so thankful for the time you take to update here. I get to see my dear nephews and nieces. I think we are in a wonderful time in our lives. Ethan, Queena and Dorie are moving in this week and I am just besides myself. They will get here Wed. night and then head back to Houghten with the trailor to bring back there loot. Little Dorie will get to stay with Grandma while they make that quick trip. I love the picture of Regina and Raph. Young love! But I also see it in you and Daniel. What a wonderful example you are. Love You, ~Polly~

  9. I love the photo’s so sweet 🙂 you have a great family!

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