I just talked to Rose and she said that the doctors feel that it is time to move Nel to rehab.  What needs done now is best handled by rehab.  So tomorrow, they plan to make the transfer to the Gibson Rehab Center in Williamsport, PA.  I asked Rose this morning how Nel is handling things, and she said that he is feeling pretty negative.  It looks so big to him and every little thing takes so much effort.  But she said that she knew he needed her to be optimistic and encouraging and that she felt like it was important for her to be concientious about staying upbeat.  He doesn’t do well when she isn’t there, though, and that can be a tough place for a gal to be in. 
When I talked to her tonight she said that today was the most discouraging day for her so far.  It is the third day post surgery, so it seemed like Nel was having alot more pain, and consequently was using more of his allotted pain medication.  As a result, he was more groggy than usual, and that made that his movements were less  improved than they had hoped.  Rose knows that it is a natural reaction to where they are in the recovery process, and she is hanging in there, but she (and all of us) would like for there to be significant progress to report every day.  Logically speaking, that just cannot be.
However, for the doctors to decide that he is ready to move to rehab is a most reassuring development, and the fact that it is alot closer home for Rose is also a blessing.  She did share his address with me, and said that for now, it would be fine to send things either there or to the home address: 
Nelson Yoder
c/o Gibson Rehab Center
777 Rural Ave
Williamsport, PA 17701
Nelson Yoder
131 Nauvoo Road
Morris, PA  16938
As you all know, I was really discouraged this morning, after looking at the pictures on Joni’s site, and I shed quite a few tears.  I just couldn’t seem to get the images out of my mind, and I felt so bad for my brother.  Then our Deborah came home from working her night in ICU.  I said, “Come in here, Deborah, and look at these pictures.”   She came and I was lamenting, through tears, what I was seeing.
“Mom, you need to look at some other things,” she said firmly.
“Like what???” I said.  “He looks so helpless!!!”
“He is helpless!” she said, “But look at that strong chin.  He has such a good chin.  You can tell by looking at it that he isn’t carrying alot of extra weight.  Look at his muscles, the way his arms are so trim and muscular.  As a nurse, if this were my patient, I would be so optimistic.  This looks like a man who has been hurt, yes, but it looks like a man who is going to come through it okay.  He’s healthy.  He’s fit.  His spinal cord is intact.  He has so much going for him.   You need to look at the right things.”  She stopped and examined the picture a little closer.  “But they’ve got the leads on the wrong sides!!!”
Of course, that encouraged my heart.  Then something else came up that really set me back on my heels and caused me to consider how good we have it.  Across the field from our house are some good friends, Dr. Jose Guzman, and his nurse-wife, Kit.  When Dr. Guzman was a young man, he was married to another woman and they had a daughter.  Cristina (his daughter) has lived in an apartment in the barn behind Jose and Kit and life has been rather turbulent for her.  But then things seemed to settle down.  She got married, and life seemed to be going pretty well for her and her family.  Last Friday night, she was traveling with her three children up on Route 1 when she went off the side of the road, over corrected, rolled her SUV several times, and not having a seatbelt on, was partially ejected through the sun roof and died at the scene.  Her three children were injured, but they expect them all to recover.  (They were restrained.)  It is such an unfortunate thing.  I cannot imagine what Jose is feeling right now.  He and Kit have a daughter together that is probably 11 or 12, but he has tried so hard to help this oldest daughter, and I am sure that there has to be a thousand “If only’s” going through his head tonight.
Hearing this news changed the whole tenor of my day.  I suppose that we will always wish this hadn’t happened to Nel.  And I do not intend to spend much time looking at those pictures that give me a stomach ache.  But I do intend to recount our blessings and to be grateful for what we have.  So many blessings.  So much for which to give thanks! 
Blessings all around!


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  1. You poor people have been through so much lately ! Did you know that 3 days post surgery seems to be the worst day because that is when things seem to be trying things to come back to a more normal pace. Now is the time when you need to look back one week instead of each day for seeing how the healing process is coming along. It seems forever some days doesn’t it? It will be better, and God will take you through this, you know ! Blessings to you and yours today !!!Miriam

  2. I will send a card out today. You folks are in my prayers.

  3. It must be just sinking in how long this recovery will take.  Being a robust active man it must be very difficult.  I will continue to send my blessings.

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