If  you are coming to the Baby shower on Friday night for Charis Bontrager, it would be good to let someone know.  You won’t reach anyone at Christina’s house, because Jesse is on a business trip to Florida and Christina and Charis went with him.  They plan to be home sometime on Thursday.  But you can call me, message me, leave me a comment, or head over there to www.xanga.com/gracegiven and let her know.  THANKS!!!

In other news this week:

(Drum roll, please!!!!!) Eldest Son got a haircut.  Not a trim.  A REAL haircut.  He looks great!  I’ll love him no matter what, but some things just improve the scenery so much!!!

Brother Nelson got moved to rehab today!!!  I think we are in that “reality sinking in” stage right now.  He can use your prayers.

I got my third shot in my knee today, and it seems to be getting better and better.  I am so grateful.  Felt good enough to make some pies — even a ground cherry pie for that Good Husband of mine.  There was enough crust left to make a little one for Sweet Mama.  She likes pies of all sorts, and even ground cherry sounded good to her.  And there is that really sweet feeling of having some pie crusts in the freezer in the event I might need them.  I love to be just a little bit ahead.  I should bake some bread again.  This last batch went like wild fire!  I think I only have one loaf left in the freezer. 

Our chickens are going out tonight — a full week early!  I can’t help but think it is God’s provision for us.  It means that we should be able to take our Sweet Mama up to see Nelson this weekend after the baby shower.  Middle Daughter has the weekend off, so she said she is willing to help make it happen.  Wow!!!  I am praying that this will work out.

My girlies just did some “blitzing” for me, in preparation for getting the house cleaned tomorrow.  Nothing chirks me up like some helping hands from my own “in house” labor force;  It makes me feel so much like we just might make it through!  And now it is time to get off here and get some things done while they are off doing some of their own stuff for a bit.





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  1. Me and Sonya will both be there!!

  2. Hey there! I’m planning on coming to meet dear little Charis on Friday! See you then!

  3. how much are you asking for that ground cherry pie ? its been a looooooooooong time since i had one of those. Jon

  4. Mary Ann, you stay busier than busy…I’m so happy your knee is doing better. It’s been a long haul for you.. and you know that better’n anybody

  5. I am so glad things are working out so well for you that you will get to visit your brother.  It will do him so much good to see you, I am sure.  What kind of shot are you getting in your knee?  A friend is getting rooster comb shots and it helps her!  Now that sounds strange, but it is working!  Have a safe trip.  God is blessing you!

  6. I volunteered time at school all day Friday. Whoops. I don’t think I can make it after all but we have been sick here with the sniffles. Baby Nate and all so I think we will just bow out. And I wanted to come badly. :(So nice to have the girls clean for you.

  7. If only I could attend! I would certainly like to do so.Help with house work how lovely!

  8. I like reading about your life.  I had to smile about your son’s hair.  I grew up with 3 brothers and they went through some pretty interesting hair styles.  It’s always nice when they get “cleaned up” again.  I am especially thankful to read that your knee is feeling better and better.  What a relief that must be!  I’m glad you made Sweet Mama a little pie, I’m sure she enjoyed that very much.  Pies are not that hard to make, but for some reason they aren’t my favorite thing to prepare in the kitchen.  I made 2 last weekend (rhubarb) and it was time-consuming but gratifying.  My mom always made little cookies with the leftover pie dough, sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar.  Rich also loves a cherry pie, I buy the canned cherries, not the pie filling that they sell, but the fruit itself, then I thicken it with flour.  Sometimes I put some raspberries in it, too.I wanted to tell you that I put a little video up of me and the kids.  You might get a chuckle out of it.Okay, I’ve written way too much!  Have a wonderful weekend with your family!

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