Well, the rain came pouring down just as the fellows got most of the back roof off —

I really did pray and pray that the storm would hold off, but it didn’t.

In about a half an hour, 2.5 inches came pouring down, and into the garage, into the porch, in over the sliding glass doors and made a river across the floor of the dining room.  Copious amounts of thick, thirsty towels were called into service to stem the flow.

The fellows on the roof were drenched and they looked like wet rats.  (I caught a whiff of some of them, and they kinda’ smelled like that too.)

Anyhow, they are going to go back at it in the morning.  I am making warm cinnamon rolls for the brave souls that come early.  And there will be a good lunch for those who come later.

Wowser, I am ready to sleep a little.  It’s been a long day — doctor appointment for my Sweet Mama, a van needing to be picked up from the shop — finally repaired,  Nettie-girl needed her hearing aids fixed down in Millsboro, Rachel needed picked up from school, Deborah needed to go to work tonight, so she needed to sleep.  I capped four quarts of strawberries and got them sliced and into the freezer, then went up to Christina’s and capped and sliced four more quarts, made a hot milk sponge cake, and tried to comfort a very sorrowful grandbaby, came home, ate way too much strawberry shortcake, slept a little on my recliner, went out to the grocery store because I didn’t have bread flour for my cinnamon buns, came home and Youngest Son and The Girl with a Beautiful Heart came, so we visited a while, and then I worked at getting my cinnamon rolls mixed up, put groceries away and straightened my kitchen, loaded the dishwasher, and NOW I AM GOING TO BED.  I think it is just about time.

Oh, yes.  I need to do one more thing.  Youngest Daughter came home from her class trip full of wonderful tales of good times and glorious sights — but with a sunburn that is blistered with blisters the size of my thumb.  Literally.  And guess who gets to put aloe vera gel on those very ouchy shoulders?  You got it.  Yours truly.  So I guess I will do that and THEN I will go to bed.   

Oh, and one more thing.  Guess who didn’t get out to get her flowers from the Amish man?  Right again.  me.  Maybe some other time.  Sleep tight!


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  1. I need to sleep just reading all that!

  2. wow, you were busy!!!     It just made me sad when I heard that the rain had some after all.    See ya later today!

  3. Now, Mary Ann, remember – you’re not 29 anymore!! As if you needed to be reminded! Doesn’t it amaze you to think back how we used to do day after day like that – with several little ones underfoot.A good roof is a very rich blessing and I pray that by tonight your dear daughter will sleep peacefully with a good, waterproof roof overhead.At our farmhouse we had such bad roof leaks, and we would keep 5 gallon buckets at strategic places in the attic. One night during a bad thunderstorm we heard water dripping from the ceiling of our bedroom and realized that a bucket above us was full and overflowing. We went up into the attic during the storm with a flashlight (no electric lights up there) and Dick V-E-R-Y carefully carried that brimming bucket over to the window (which was old and did not open easily) to throw the water out. It was scary to be up there in such a bad storm, but the whole scenario was so pathetic it just cracked me up. That was pre-blog days or I may have had a picture to post, ha, ha, ha!!! By the way, we DID eventually get a wonderful, new roof!

  4. WOW! I wonder what all you’d be able to do if your knees weren’t giving you trouble.  Hope todays work goes well. 

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