“Let’s replace the roof” frolic —

Ever since Jesse and Christina moved into their house,
they have dealt with water problems.

“Coming through the roof when it rains”
“dripping on my head”
“gettin’ everything wet”
kinds of water problems.

Tomorrow evening the men and boys of our church are going to start tearing the shingles off in preparation for putting a new roof on for them on Saturday.  The leaks are pretty impressive, so the expectation is that there will need to be some repairing done when they get the shingles off.

The dumpster is already there, and the shingles are to be delivered tomorrow.  Ask THE FATHER for sunshiney weather and a cool breeze. 

Honestly, we can probably use anyone who wants to help.  There will be a meal provided on Saturday noon, and we also plan to have snacks and cold drinks available through out the evening tomorrow.

If you’d like to turn you hand at some old fashioned helping,
 we certainly won’t turn you away.
(And it might be nice to let me know.)

Oh, and here’s a picture of Certain Man, power washing our deck. 
It looks like it is brand new now that he is done. 
I am amazed at all the things this man does!


It pleases his orderly soul to see how the green and black come off,
leaving the bare wood behind.  It was a huge job, but so rewarding!


He moved his garden this year, and I think it looks wonderful,
considering this was pasture pretty much since we moved here
almost 20 years ago:

The frames you see in the background are for his tomatoes.  He saw
something like this at an Amish house, and has worked at refining it
and adapting it to fit his needs.  He lays wire fencing that he has cut
to appropriate widths down the “V” parts of the “Y’s” and then trains
his tomatoes up and out the fencing and the tomatoes hang down and
are easier to pick and never touch the ground.  He has made things so
much easier for me in the garden.


We haven’t planted our pole limas yet, but he said that I could have two
rows this year.  I hope we don’t run out of time, but even if we do, my
husband is still unbelievable in how he gardens.  He really doesn’t “owe”
me a thing!!!

I am really slow in getting anything done with my flower beds this year.
This bed is usually planted and carefully tended by now.  I still plan to
do something with it, but I haven’t decided what.  Yet. . .

And I haven’t gotten my hanging baskets for the pavilion — although,
if I have time, I think I will get them tomorrow.  I have found them
at an out of the way Amish greenhouse, and the owner made me a
great deal on 16 hanging baskets.  I wanted to go get them tonight,
but my knee wasn’t cooperating, so I decided that I might try to get
them tomorrow.  This is how the pavilion looks right now.
Hanging baskets make such a difference in how this building looks.
I am planning on purple and red Fuscia and New Guinea Impatiens
alternating in purple and red.

But there are some other flowers that are doing quite well.
This plucky little flower was given to me by our daughter in law’s mother,
Lynn, and I tucked it into the corner of a bed that I hope to have all
perennials in eventually.  I love it so much!  I tried to get a closer look at
it, but it just got fuzzy  — fuzzy-er, I guess I should say.

These climbing Hydrangeas are really getting out of hand.
Certain Man wants to get them trimmed back.  I think they would
do better with a lot more sun than they get.  So often the buds do
not even open, and I wonder if it isn’t because they don’t get
enough sunlight.

My dear friend, Ada, gave me a flat of pansies, and I love their
springy color against the bleakness that is left over from winter.

The weather has been rather cloudy and cool.
I suppose that we will enjoy these for a very short
while longer, and then we will need to take them out.

I do have the promise of some liles that are just about
to burst into bloom.
I bought these on sale at least three years ago, and
really wondered what would become of them.  It was
their incredible scent that attracted me.  They have come
back faithfully every year, just sitting in the same old pot.
I’m thinking of trying to find them a place in that
border bed that I want to be a perennial bed.  But
for now, it seems to be doing well right where they are.

And that’s it for tonight, folks!


And I hope you enjoyed the little tour around our yard.

p/s I haven’t heard anything really significant about my brother, excepting that  he was able to feed himself yesterday.  A first! 

Please continue to pray for Nel and Rose Yoder.
As you can imagine, every day brings its special challenges and victories.  
Don’t let go the prayer ropes!!! 



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4 responses to ““Let’s replace the roof” frolic —

  1. Thank you for the trip around your yard. I love the colors of the pansies in the yellow watering can.The garden is beautiful, very tidy. It is certainly nice to have a man around the house isn’t it? Things get done much easier! In our case things get done much better also. If we could get there we sure would help with the roof. Many hands make light work for sure. Your little grandddaughter is so bright eyed and sweet.

  2. Hmmmm…I bet Ikwa could use those Tomato poles!  She needs help growing her ‘maters!

  3. The flowers are looking great and that is awesome what Daniel has done for the family as wellPTL about Nelson being able to feed himself…Did Chris and Jess move or are they still at the same place?My memory is kinda foggy when it comes to the house that they are in, cause I never visited it much!I remember Dave and Ilva’s a lil bit more

  4. Beautiful flowers!! I am not much of a green thumb but those are all beautiful!!

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