We do have a new grandbaby! 
Just so you don’t forget,
here are some of my favorite new pictures of her!

Charis 3


Charis 6

Charis Nichole Bontrager

One of the best miracles our family has enjoyed.



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  1. She’s so sweet,and such a blessing!

  2. I am just now getting caught up with reading your posts.  First, let me say, that is one darling alert little baby girl.  How wonderful for you to have a happy miracle to think about when there is so much sorrow with your brother.  But I am so impressed with his faith and courage!  He is going to overcome this with God’s Help.  His ambulance experience is wonderful proof that God is with him and always will be since his faith is so strong.  I am so happy the chickens were ready early (another miracle?) so you could go see your brother.  Your Mama’s concern must have been to see him up and walking.  God is blessing you!

  3. so dear……….and growing

  4. I can’t wait to meet her!!

  5. Such a cutie pie!! Love the dress!!

  6. what a little sweetie….

  7. Oh! Melt my heart! Those new parents must be so in love with her!

  8. looking awfully cute in that red dress!

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