Update on Nelson

My sister in law, Rose called today with such good news.  She went with Nel down to Geisinger Medical Center today for an appointment with the doctor who did the surgery.  He is delighted with the progress Nel has made, so impressed with what he has been able to regain in the amount of time since surgery, and feels that his progress is really phenomenal.  He showed them X-rays that were taken before the surgery, right after surgery, and again today, and Rose said that they were made aware, once again, of how close things were to total paralysis.  It is such a wonderful miracle that he is recovering so well.  The doctor said that things are healing so fast that he projects being able to remove the halo in another four weeks, graduating Nel to a neck brace.  The best news of all is that Nel is to be discharged tomorrow from the rehab center to HOME.  And he is able to go home without a hospital bed, though he will probably need to sleep in the recliner at least until the halo comes off.
Last night, some of his family was there, and they took him out for ice cream.  They took a therapist along just to be “safe, but  Nel walked from his room, down to the parking lot.  He rode in the car for ice cream, and I don’t think he got out at the place of business, but when they got back to rehab, he again walked from the car back to his room in the rehab center.  This was another major victory for him, and it made his family so happy.
Rose told us that they found out today that Nel did have lung trauma after the fall — “Bruising of the lungs” is what the surgeon said, and that it is pretty certain that the injuries to the lungs is what produced the blood clots.  I’m sure that we all assumed that the lungs had some sort of trauma, and I certainly wondered if it wasn’t something like that which made the significant amount of emboli in the lungs, but it was good to hear it from the surgeon.
As a family, we again thank all of you for your prayers.  Three weeks ago today, we had so many uncertainties and it was really easy to think negatively.  But the support and the prayers and the gifts and the cards and the calls have been such a help to Nel and Rose directly, and as a result, to the rest of us.  The hand of God and the love of our family and the family of God is an obvious and comforting factor in everything that has been so good.  Thanks so much, and continue to pray for Nel and Rose and their family in the coming days and weeks.  He still has alot of work ahead of him, but he enjoys and draws strength from the prayers and many expressions of concern and care. 
Blessings on each of you!
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7 responses to “Update on Nelson

  1. Praising the Lord with you!

  2. I am so pleased to read that good news.

  3. Great news!  Such very good news.That “Read More” tag apparently is seen only on uour edit page. I have that also but it does not show to your readers.

  4. I see the Read More tag. I wonder if something got inadvertantly changed in your settings. Some people have theirs set to show only the first part of a post and you have to click “Read more” to see the rest.Anyway, PRAISE GOD for this wonderful report! What a mighty God we serve!!

  5. So glad for the good update. I’ve been wondering but didn’t call to ask. Thanks!

  6. Hi! I was so pleased to read such good news about your brother! There are pictures of Marina’s wedding on Facebook, Nicole Benner, Josh Graber, Jessica Kuepfer, and Elisabeth Shenk all have pics. I hope to put some up on my Xanga, I just need to take the time and get it done!

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