Most of you know that our girlies left for Europe yesterday.  It’s been a most discombobulated week — and I am not the best at juggling everything.  I dealt with the approaching departure by just not thinking about it.  We did take pictures when the girls left, but they took our only working cameras, so I don’t have those pictures.  But these are the two that went:

Misc Rach, Baby, Lem's Grad 018

Misc Rach, Baby, Lem's Grad 017

And no, they didn’t go by boat.  They went by plane.  This morning I got up and looked at the tracking program that our Beloved Son in Law had put up, and according to that, the plane had disappeared into the ocean about five hours out.  I tried not to worry.  I went to the details of the flight and read, “Flight diverted” and “Flight plan altered” bu there wasn’t any more information (that I could understand, that is!)  I decided not to worry until I heard that a plan actually went down en route to London, and that never happened — and now, I’ve just had this message from Rachel:

“Hey mama! so we’re safe and sound in London. I’m sitting in our hostel (which is pretty stellar and is filled with nice people!) I do miss you all bunches. Hey, there is a Netflix somewhere in the living room that deb didn’t send back. It’s called Australia and it needs to be returned… could you maybe find it and send it back for her? I love you bunches. 🙂 rach”

And of course, this Mama’s heart is mightily comforted.  I might even go and look for that netflix that was mentioned . . .


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  1. I am sure they will have a great time…we will be praying for them and you…;O)   I trust that you will be willing to do the same for us when my young ones are heading out to do similar things…I dread the day!

  2. That is a fabulous opportunity for them.

  3. We can’t wait to see them tomorrow!!!!

  4. How we mothers worry!!  It is just a big part of our caring.  I am so glad they got there safe and sound. 

  5. Will continue to pray for their safety and their mama’s peace 🙂 as they make memories and enjoy this awesome opportunity! I would have LOVED to have done that! I will be looking forward to updates.

  6. Her message to you about the Netflix movie is too funny.  I hope you find it!I’m glad she arrived to her destination safe and handled that so well!

  7. Yes Mom be sure and mail out that movie LOL What a grand adventure for the girls!

  8. What an adventure!  I have some other friends just returning today.  Must be the thing to do this year! 

  9. Glad they made a safe landing!! What and adventure they are on!!

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