This weekend was Father’s day.
I got this picture of Certain Man and his grandbaby on Sunday afternoon:

Charis likes her Daddy and her Grandpas just fine,
Thank you very much.
(And she has all three of them pretty much wrapped around her finger, too!)



It was also the first anniversary of Youngest Son and His Gal Jess.  I got this out on our deck just before they left on Sunday afternoon.
(Just in case you didn’t know, they now live in Philadelphia.)


Happy Anniversary, you two!!! 
We’re so glad you found each other.

Of course, our girlies were (are, still) in Europe.
Oldest Son and His Gal Gina were in Ohio.
It is never “right” when we are missing part of the puzzle,
But it was still a great time together.



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  1. God was creative when He created family!

  2. That is the most adorable picture of Grandpa and his little lady!! My girls have their Daddy wrapped too!!

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