Some of you are acquainted with Albert and Katie Mast through Albert’s xanga page at

A couple of weeks ago, Albert sent us a message that said he and Katie were coming east and would like to stop in and visit us.  Certain man and I were so tickled!  As the weeks have passed, and the details have been worked out, we have been eagerly anticipating their visit. We’ve done some talking about having a potluck picnic on the night of June 29th (Monday evening) and inviting those of you who are interested in coming for the evening.  If you would like to be included, would you please call me at 302-422-5952, and tell me who is coming and what you would like to bring to the picnic.  We will fill you in on the details.  Thanks!!!



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  1. I wish we were close enough to come, I know it would be a lot of fun, and a blessing.  However, we did have the pleasure of a visit from them yesterday.  It made my day.

  2. We know Albert and Katie. They live in our neck of the woods. We’d sure join you folks if we could. What fun for everyone, wish we could be there also.

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