Letter from Deborah

This letter came on Sunday.  Yesterday, they took a 15 hour overnight ferry ride to Greece where they will be for a few days.  The ride was extremely tiring, but they say that “Greece is worth it!”

Dear Mom,

We’re still alive, well, and safe. Naples has been kinder and friendlier than everyone told us, and we really enjoyed seeing Pompeii and Vesuvius yesterday. Today we are off to the Island of Capri.

Yesterday we started out in downtown Naples proper, which is considered the worst section of town. Our hostel doesn’t recommend seeing anything there, but I wanted to see the Veiled Christ in Capella Sansevero. It looked like a little hole in the wall, and if there hadn’t been a short line of tourists outside, we might not have found it. It was amazing! All the statues were detailed and WOW! The statue of Christ is laying in the center of the church, and looks like it is draped in a thin cloth, but it’s all one piece of marble. There are two other statues that are also really neat- a lady draped like the one mentioned, and a man trying to escape from a net. The net is marble. How anyone could have designed and carved it is beyond me. We couldn’t take pics there, but you should be able to find them online. (Google! :))

After that we went on to Pompeii. I’ll tell you about that, and about Roma, later.

We are trying to get out of here in time to get to a church, which is why this is short. Holly wanted to send the email that she wrote to her family last night, so I had a bit of time.

All prayers are appreciated, since we are still in Naples! Love you!




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2 responses to “Letter from Deborah

  1. How amazing that these girls are getting to see all these places!!

  2. ’tis nice to enjoy their travels vicariously. And thanks to Google we too were able to marvel a bit over the statuary.mw

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