Some of you are regulars at the fourth of July picnic at our house, but I did want to post a reminder in case anyone needed added impetus to make it here.

When Certain Man and I moved to Delaware from Ohio, one of the things we missed was the Labor Day Picnic that was held at United Bethel.  It was something people looked forward to year after year, and it was a great time to  get together, visit, have fun, play games, and enjoy some good food. 

One year, shortly after we moved to Milford from Greenwood, the church from Brooklyn, New York, came down over the fourth of July.  It seemed like a fun thing to make a picnic that day.  There were lots of inner city people who had very little exposure to country life. We were newly settled in at Shady Acres, but Certain Man thought that our little corner of God’s earth would be the perfect place to have it.  And that is where it all began.


There will be relays

July 4th picnic --  Fixing the hamburger 1         

And Food

July 4th picnic --  The Famous Jones Express

Hopefully, a train ride

The Chef and Kent
This was certainly a while ago!!!


(Are two “fellows in the same boat” the same as “Two fellows in the same ship”????)

Just lots of good fun1










When:  3:00 Today, July 4, 2009

Where:  Here at Shady Acres

Who:  Anybody who wants to come

Bring your favorite picnic food, lawn chairs, blankets, etc.
We have some riding toys, but often the small fry like to bring their own bikes, trikes, etc.
Hotdogs, hamburgers will be provided (bring your own rolls– and take home what doesn’t get eaten, please!)
We plan to churn several tubs of homemade ice cream after supper.
Bring on the strong arms and co-operative spirits.

Hope to see you there!!!



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  1. That sounds tempting, but we have a celebration that is much closer – as a matter of fact, I will probably walk to our son’s house.  Have a wonderful day.

  2. I have fond memories of that U.B. Labor Day picnic, as well. We would almost always do “sleepovers” with our friends the night before, and then come to the church for the day. I recall softball games, tables full of food spread out on the parking lot, and special music in the evening. Your picnic at Shady Acres sounds like fun!

  3. If only we could join you, we certainly would!Have a Happy 4th!

  4. That sounds like a lot of fun & good memories! Have a wonderful day!

  5. sounds like fun.  we to are having a party at our house !  Bad thing is it’s raining right now hoping and praying the rain soon departs!!  That pig that is roasting is smelling good though.

  6. I would so like to join you all but I am too far away!! Hope you all have a blessed time with all the activities!! Did you ever find your sacks??

  7. MaryAnn,I would love a copy of that picture of Quentin please and if u have any others of him too, just email me themThanks…I look forward to this every year and it is a great time and great memories for my children

  8. Hello Mrs. Mary Ann,You made your site simple yet elegant. The pictures are a nice touch. I see that you have a wide variety of interests and observations here! I’m sending an important message to people from Jehovah God that is in the Bible: 7Whatever the LORD God plans to do, he tells his servants, the prophets. (Amos 3:7) (CEV)

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