Please Pray for my cousin and his family:



We got word this morning that Dr. Jonathan Yoder’s wife, Dawn (Good) Yoder, of Atmore Alabama was struck by lightening while taking out the trash.  Details are sketchy — initially they didn’t hold much hope for her survival.  However, they did find a pulse, and she is on her way to Mobile.  She is breathing at least some on her own, but things are really “iffy.” 

We have seen God do mavelous things over and over again.  May He be pleased to intervene on behalf of this family NOW!!!


 This update from Jon–

Thanks for the prayers–Dawn is at Springhill Memorial Hospital in Mobile, and just had a heart cath which was normal.  She is stable from the standpoint of blood pressure and heart, but the main concern is her brain and its function after being without oxygen for as long as 10-15 minutes.  Please pray that the damage there will be minimal; We should know something in 24-48 hours.
  What happened was that Dawn was taking the trash out this morning, and was struck by lightning around 8:45 am.  Stephen was at home and saw the lightning, but Dawn had a note that she was going to be picking blueberries at the neighbors, so he didn’t look for her.  A friend from church found Dawn in the front yard unconscious and not breathing, and we are not sure how long that was.  She was in V-fib when she got to the hospital, but they were able to get all of that back.  She is an amazing lady, and if anyone can recover, it will be her…with God’s help—Jon and family

Another update:

Hello to all!  This is an update on Mom.  We really don’t have a lot of new information.  She is still comatose but her vital signs are stable.  The CT scan of her head showed bilateral subarachnoid hemorrhage, but her main problem continues to be anoxic brain injury.  In other words, she has bleeding on the brain and probably had an extensive period without oxygen to the brain.  So at this point, we just have to wait and see and see what the extent of the brain injury is going to be.  She still has not responded in any way.  The neurosurgeon just went in to see her. Thanks so much for all the calls, prayers, and encouragement.  We can really feel the support of the body of Christ.  We will try to send updates as we find out more.  Keep praying for God’s will, peace, strength, and wisdom for the decisions ahead. 
Kristin for the Yoders


Please, please, please keep praying!!!


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  1. Just got a prayer chain this morning to pray for them.  Her parents live in this area, and I go to church with one of her sisters….praying~

  2. I am so sorry for her and her family.  It is such a tragic happening.  I will hold her in my prayers.

  3. def will keep praying.  went to RBI with both of them. 

  4. Oh my! Dawn is Glen’s 2nd cousin. We just heard the news through Polly. Please keep us updated.

  5. we lived in atmore and went to their church for 2 1/2 yrs and that was 3 yrs ago….we heard and have been praying, too!

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