There is not much to say except that things are really, really uncertain right now.  The damage to Dawn’s brain is extensive, and there really is not much hope.  We know that our God is a God of miracles, and we know that He can change things even now, but if not — Does that mean He isn’t God?

I’ve been thinking so much about Dawn and wondering so many things —

Dawn and her roses


What was on your mind, as you stepped into that ordinary morning?
Trash to be taken out, blueberries to pick.
So conscious of your Heavenly Father,
Such an incredible wife,
So very nurturing as a Mom.
So alert to the needs around you,
So faithful as a friend.

Ah, Dawn, what have you already seen?
Can you see your family keep their loving vigil?
Do you see us praying desperate prayers?
Do you know how much we want you back?
Do you hear the angels singing and your Father’s voice?
Do you feel the pull of Heaven and light and perfect health?

We want to ask “why” (and we do, we do!!!)
Somewhere in these desperate hours
We wait and wish for an august explanation,
And bang our prayers like bloodied hands against
The wall that stands between the known and where you are.
And wait.  Our tears an offering of our love.



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  1. So very well written….I’ve gotten a couple emails from her sister today, and it really doesn’t sound good.  And yes, even when situations absolutely don’t make sense in our earthly minds, God is still God…… 

  2. Thanks for the update and the touching poem.  I’ve been thinking about this family constantly ever since you posted what happened even though I don’t know them (I don’t think).

  3. I don’t think I know them either, but I just visited their town this month so it feels close. Thanks for the update.

  4. Your poem is beautiful. It says it all so well. Thanks for allowing the Holy Spirit to guide your pen and for sharing it with others. Two books I have found very comforting: “Heaven Better By Far” by J. Oswald Sanders and “Reclaiming A Passion For What Endures Eternity” by Joseph Stowell.

  5. praying for you…your poem is so touching!

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