Dawn, our amazing mother, wife, daughter has been declared brain dead by 2 doctors, with her EEG showing no activity.  We believe that she entered heaven instantaneously 2 days ago, but we are now as a family turning her body over to the organ donation center of Alabama, so that she may share her life with others.  That is typical of the life she lived, and it is so much like her.  We will miss her, but we know she is in God’s protective care, and we want to praise Him for his faithfulness.  I write with this tears in my eyes, but with joy in my heart as Precious in the eyes of the Lord is the death of his saints.  And she definitely received “Well done, thou faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of the Lord.  She is free at last!   Jon, Robert, Kristin, Amber, and Stephen and all the family


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  1. So, so sad! I will definently being lifting them to Jesus, this has got to be so big!

  2. PTL that we will see her again. So sorry that the family has to say goodbye. We will continue to pray for them and lift them up to the Father during this time of grief.

  3. So sad for their earthly loss but what joy to think of the future!

  4. I remember Dawn from Rosedale.  A sweet spirited, gentle gal with a radiant smile.  I haven’t seen her since then, but can only imagine that she grew to be even more special than I remember her.  God is finding glory…..

  5. I am so sorry for the family’s loss.

  6. What a sadness for you all.  God bless you and your families.

  7. I’m so sorry to hear this – God knows best though.  What a wonderful gift she is giving to others.  I went to school with Dawn & her sister Ardis while we lived in MS – she always had a smile for everyone & a very sweet pleasant girl.  She will be sorely missed.  My heart & prayers go out to the family.

  8. My condolences on the family she leaves behind.

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