All of you who regularly read my blog have followed the breath taking story of our precious grandbaby and her adoption.  Anyone who knows anything about adoption knows that, in addition to being a gut wrenching roller coaster of emotions, it is also something that will completely deplete a young couples savings, and put their economic climate somewhere in the “Warning:  SEVERE WEATHER ALERT” status for an indefinite period of time.

With that in mind, our church family scheduled a bake sale/yard sale/car wash in the yard of our little country church at the corner of Carpenter Bridge and Canterbury Roads tomorrow, Saturday, July 25th, from 9-3.  Brothers and Sisters from our church family, members of our extended physical family and friends are pitching in to see if we can help defray a small part of the exorbitant fee.

If you want more information, please feel free to call me today.  I really plan on being home most of the day.  Our Girl Nettie took a tumble this morning, so I need to take her out for an appointment, but someone will be here while I am gone.  In between that, I am baking bread, cinnamon rolls, pies, and mixing up a whole bunch of hot chocolate mix to sell.  Christina and Gina are making whoopie pies and anything else that they can get my two ovens to produce in between my baking.

Charis is three months old today.  It is hard to imagine our lives without her.  To be honest, I try not to.

This picture was taken last night at my brother, Clint’s house.
(I have a whole lot more to post from that nice time, but will need to do it later.)

She may have been expensive, but she is worth every penny!!!


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  1. she certainly is!!!!  I’ll be praying for hungry people!  God will send them.

  2. I know first hand what it is like being adopted and the expense in it 🙂 I will pray that everything goes well and you have a great sale!

  3. I, too, have been there.  May God bless you with a wonderful response.  That baby was a gift from Heaven.  Now may others show there generousity in His name.

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