Clint and Frieda’s new grandbaby

There was a family welcome the other night for Clint and Frieda’s new grandbaby, Hannah Louise.

Chip and Susan’s precious little one.
She is six weeks old.

She didn’t make much noise all night.  People passed her around, and she put up with it.
Charis seemed like she had really gotten large when Christina held Hannah.  This was one of the rare times when Hannah had her eyes open.


Aunt Alma is a baby hog.
She has some sort of glue on her hands
that makes babies stick to her.
Grandma glue, Mom-Mom brand.


She looks entirely too pleased with herself, doesn’t she?
She did have to share.
There were too many of us
for just one person to hog the baby.


Hannah’s Mama, Susan, didn’t get much chance to hold her.
She may have not felt like fighting with the masses.


It didn’t stop this grandma.
I love this picture of Frieda.
She looks so young.


Then Hannah’s Daddy got ahold of her,
and it was pretty much over. 


It’s funny how otherwise sane young men can
be so completely wrapped up in a little bundle
that does mostly what my old Betsy-Wetsy Doll did.
“Sleep, drink, wet, and cry real tears.”


The two new daddies needed a picture together.
Both of these young men are exceptionally involved young fathers.
This old world needs more like them.
May their tribes increase!

Uncle Bert and Aunt Sarah were among the visitors.
So encouraging to have them both come.

And just before I left, I took a few family pictures.
Clint and Frieda both like cameras about as well as most people like snakes.
But for the sake of this new grandbaby, Clint changed his shirt,
Frieda composed herself for the camera when she would have rather hid,
And the result wasn’t too half bad.


Sleep tight, Hannah Louise.
You are very, very loved.





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3 responses to “Clint and Frieda’s new grandbaby

  1. (I’ll try this again since the computer ate my first comment. )  I got to meet little Hannah tonight and she surely is precious!!

  2. It is so easy to see these two babies are related !?!?!?

  3. I wanted to be there so badly but, alas, life is too full to do everything! Thank you for your comment on Ethan’s posts; it means so much to hear your support. I love you and you are someone with whom I would love to spend more time…have a great week.

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