The last three days have been incredibly busy at this house.  Poor Certain Man, decided to sit this afternoon and rock his grandbaby. 


It wasn’t too long before they were both out:  He has worked so hard!


Last night, Gina had a surprise birthday party for Raph.  He never suspected that it was going to be a party for him.  He thought that the youth group was coming.  We did surprise him!


Christina ordered the cake for him.
How ’bout them Bengals???


He got them all out at one breath!



Look who’s cutting the cake!

I got this picture of Raph and Gina when they were here for lunch today —


They have been married almost a year.

What a year it has been!

And Charis was her usual precious self–


So incredibly sweet!
By the way, for those of you who are interested —
The fundraiser yesterday to help with the adoption expenses came in at $1100.00
What a wonderful blessing!


(And that, my far away girlies, should catch you up just a bit . . . Love you Both.  Only 13 more sleeps.)



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  1. Your site doesn’t like my comments these days … grrrr. As I tried commenting before … that’s a precious picture of Certain Man and his grandbaby! And your last picture of Charis is beautiful beyond words!!! Thanks for posting the fundraiser results. (YAY!!) I’ve been wondering.

  2. Your CM and baby make a fine picture!  I am so glad the fund raiser was a success.  How old is your Raph?

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